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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Not all Cub Scout Packs are the Same - Pack 566

Pack 566 has been around for 51 years.  Our most active member Mr. L (pack visionary and glue) went through Pack 566 in 1994 with his oldest son.  His wife became the Cubmaster for a decade while Mr. L was Den Leader, and then Moved into Troop 566 as Assistant (2yrs) and then Scoutmaster for 14 years. After his youngest aged out of the Troop he moved back into the Pack.  Thus Mr. and Mrs. L have 25+ plus years in the 566 units.  This allows for a rich and diverse program that has been successful for decades.  Covid was devastating to Scouting, The 566 units have rebounded brilliantly though a lot of work.

 While all Cub Scout Packs follow a national program, each unit experience can very greatly. 
We are proud to be different and one of the best units around. 

 Here are a few differences:
+ We leave religion out of every group setting (can be done in the home).
+ We have cubs from most schools in the area.  Allows you to be a cool kid in our group even if at their school they are not.
+ We meet every week during the school year (except holidays, and school break weeks).
+ We have 1 or 2 weekend pack wide optional activities each month of the year.
+ Pack 566 no longer wears the $160-$200 full cub scout uniform.  Now just a T-Shirt and Neckerchief ($28).
+ Are Dens (grade levels) are coed at every year from K-5.
+ We have trained leaders with both BSA and California Background checks at every level.
$ We do NO FUNDRAISING !!! This saves you countless hours.
$ National Program, National 1st time Join Fee, Scouting Youth Magazine, Insurance is $140 for first year.
$ Pack Uniform, Annual program handbook, Pack Fees (supplys, crafts, Pinewood derby cars, Leader fees, and misc.) are $171 for first year.
+ Every parent takes a 76 minute online training in youth protection.
+ We are the only Pack around that has a supply of Cubmobiles (5ft wood cars cubs drive powered by 2 cub peers pushing).
+ We have optional extra cost older kid big build programs (eg learning woodworking by building a toolbox (at least 10 cuts) and most keep their tools).

566 is the best bang for buck (both time and money) for all of your kids

The 566 scouting program is for both Boys and Girls from Kindergarten (younger siblings tag along with the Pack) through College. Both kids and parents meet new lifelong friends. 566 is efficient with your time. It is a year round program (light summers) with the same set of friends kept from start to finish. The cost for a year is often less than many 10 week sports programs. 566 offers so many things not covered in school. We make tomorrows leaders, teach outdoor skills, promote self motivation and self sufficiency. We offer a wide sampler of activities from the great outdoors, sports, hobbies, career exploration, public service, and more.

Pack 566 is kids from Kindergarten to the 5th grade (includes younger siblings as tag-a-longs).
+ work as an age group on both a fixed and elective scouting program
+ Parent and child meets about 1 hour a week during the school year on Tues (grades 4 & 5) or Thur (grades K-4) at 7pm.
+ One or Two optional weekend events per month during the year (camping, hiking, biking, kites, military ships, etc.

Troop 566 is from age 11 to 18 and although split into boy and girls units they typically have joint activities.
+ Parents can attend but many do not.
+ About 1.5 hours a week of your childs time during the school year.
+ A camping trip offered on a weekend each month of the school year.
+ Several weeklong camps during the summer.

Crew 566 overlaps with the Troop 566 from ages 14-21 focusing on high adventure activities (eg 10 day backpack trips).
+ Attend Troop trips
+ Several higher adventure trips per year.

Joining starts with answered your questions answerd and then the paperwork
Click the Join Us link in the left margin.  

(Note you can attend many things on a trial basis without forms and fees- use join use contacts to make arrangements)
Click the "Joining" link in the left margin when your ready to join or need detailed costs, etc.