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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Cub Scouts have Overnight Adventures

Pack 566 Camping Trip September 2019 "Go and Do" is currently on our home page.

Pack 566 Camping Trip June 2019 "Go and Do":

One of our parents made this short movie of our Camping Trip.
Picture is of one of our cakes. Click the arrow to see the movie.
Cubs and Ingredients for our Pineapple
Upside Down Cake begin to assemble.

The top of the cake begins at the bottom.
Pineapple Rings, Cheries, Brown Sugar, and butter.

We bake our cakes in Dutch Ovens.
Tomorrow they will cook our Cinnamon rolls.
Parents learn about Camp Stoves
for family and large groups.
We assemble for the afternoon hike.
Everybody needs water & map. In line for count.

This cloud miles south of us later produced
dozens of thunder rumbles giving us concern.
Cubs prepare our meals. Here
chopping ingredients for our tin foil stew.

Forming up our dinnertime
assembly line.

The last of our dinners
cook over coals.
Morning Campfire begins for the early birds.

We boil personal omelettes 
in plastic bags.
With 24 compasses we play a compass game
to test our compass teachings.

An overnight stay on the USS Pamanito, A World War II Submarine is the May 2019 "Go and Do":

Overnight stay on the USS Pampanito.
Pampanito is a World War II USA Submarine.
We learn about the life
and times on a submarine
in world war two.

The Pack 566 Crew Pampanito May 2019.
Maximum size crew for this boat.
We toured stem to stern and slept in crew bunks.

Sadly a Scoutlander save error lost the rest of our overnight history