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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Custom Pack 566 Patches for Pack Events

Our Pack makes custom patches for our Pack Events.  We thought it fun that we share them from this point forward.
Those in the pack who participate in the event each get a patch (parents too).

Join us and you can get some too!

Nov 2021: Bike Ride

Oct 2021: Mini Golf

Sep 2021: Kite Flying

Sep 2021: Sanborn Hike

Mar 2020:  Ano Neuvo

May 2019:  USS Pampanito

April 27, 2019:  Angle Island Hike

We took the ferry from Tiberon to reach Angle Island. Angel Island is the largest island in the San Francisco Bay.

Angel Island is full of History. This was a US Army base from 1863 to 1946. This includes Cannon batteries to protect against Confederate ships that might have entered the bay.
Served as a cranking station for ship mines on cables under the bay. Served as the West coast immigration facility. Had a Nike Missile base during the cold war and more.

The cubs decided to hike to the very top of the island to get the 360 view of the bay. This was as long of a hike as it was to circle it.
The Artist of this patch was a recent Pack 566 Cub Scout who just bridged into Scouts BSA this spring. You have seen is handywork before.

March 2019:  Castle Rock State Park Hike

Many of our braved souls hike across the cliffs of death just to get a view of the forest valleys all the way to the ocean.
A lovely hike though different local ecosystems. We caught local mountain climbers practicing on the cliff faces.
Cub and Parents alike found the "swiss cheese" granite rocks a site to behold.

February 2019:  Visit to De Anza Planetarium

Our Pack has had an interest in the Stars since our Fall camping trip at a local observatory.Our Cub artist did not attend so this patch was made by leaders.

January 2019: Ardenwood Farms

The pack visited a local farm that preserves the farming methods of 100 years ago.
The cubs were more interested in the peacocks than the typical farm animals. div>

January 2019:  Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby is a popular annual cub scout event where are Cubs turn a wooden block into a 7 inch race car.
We then race against others in are Pack. Races are very close often down to the thousandth of a second.
The Top 3 cars move up through national competitions. It is hard to keep the parents from helping to much.
Pack 566 offers a build clinic at a woodworking woodshop to make sure cubs get a chance with the right tools and advice.And yes we confess this is NOT a custom P566 patch design but a national one.

November 2018:  Scouting For Food - Collecting Food For Those In Need

Pack 566 members went door to door soliciting for donations.  Some gave non perishable food on hand.  Some had members come back a few days later after their next shopping trip.  Others were not at home and left a door hanger to participate.  Those who gathered food earned the Pack November Scouting For Food patch.

When are young artist could not finish in time his mother offered her artwork.  Wishing she had more room for 2 cub scouts the second scout was added from pieces of the first with simple paint to edit.

November 2018:  A trip that got postponed for poor Air Quality

So we had an exciting trip planned for November 2018.  The Pack was staying overnight on a World War II Submarine located in San Francisco.  With California's largest wild fire burning out of control around Paradise in Northern California the Northern part of the state set records for poor air quality going way past unhealthy to with in a few points of Hazardous.  We had to postpone this
trip 2 days in advance. A consolation patch was made to help with our disappointment.  The next day San Francisco Cable Cars shut down, schools were closed, and over the weekend most other events shut down.  Luckily a storm came the next week which not only helped fight the fire but clean the air as well.

Our patch shows the Akeila (The wolf who leads Cubs Scouts) wearing his H95 mask saying we can't go.   Notice you can barely see the submarine through the dirty air while standing next to it on the dock.  Our patch documents the record Air Quality Index  (AQI) of 271.  All those who were signed up to go got this patch and a dibs on the next available slot in Spring of 2019.

October 2018:  Overnight Camping Trip at Fremont Peak

Overnight Camping Trip.  Included hike to the top of Fremont Peak for a 360 view of surrounding valleys and all the way to the ocean.  Camp cooking prepared by our cubs for everyone including 6 double layer cakes for a birthday party.  A night hike to the FPOA (Fremont Peak Observatory Association) 30 inch telescope.  The folks from FPOA put on quite a show for us.  Thanks FPOA!

Note this artwork was created by one of are Webelos II Cub Scouts age 10.

Our artist captured many aspects of our adventure including:
+ The slant our tents were on.
+ Fremont peak which we climbed all the way to the tippy top.
+ The forest we camped in.
+ A telescope although the one we used at the FPOA observatory was MUCH BIGGER.
+ The view of the Moon (we saw the tiny craters via the telescope).
+ The view of planet Saturn where we inspected the rings in detail.
+ And some cake for the bedtime birthday party.

September 2018:  Horseback Riding

1.5 hour Horseback riding 8 yrs to adult or 30 minute Pony rides (actually the ponies turned out be be short horses) for the young ones. Giddy Up, Move Along, Little Doggies!!!

Note this artwork was from a photo of our one group in our adventure.

August 2018:  Rocket Day

Cubs converted two 2-liter soda pop bottles into rockets.  They added a payload and fins for stability.  Then the Pack fueled them with Pack 566 rocket fuel (water and 100 psi of compressed air).  Via a very long string and wearing safety glasses cubs launched their rockets hundreds of feet into the air.

Note this artwork was from a photo of one of our rockets and then enhanced thrust with photoshop.