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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Activities you just missed by not being in Pack566

Recently Completed Events: Note: Visitors welcome to many events

Recent Fun:

Miniature Golf Monday Oct 4th, 2021. 18 holes at a wacky golf course.
Kite Flying Sunday Sep 19th, 2021. All Cub Kites flying at max string lenght.
Pack Hike at Sanborne Saturday Sep 4th, 2021. Hiking and Nature Talk in local Park.

Pre Covid19 Lockdown Fun to show what we normally do:

Pack 566 Camping Trip Sat/Sun June 1st/2nd. Family camping. Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Campfire, Compass Game, and other Fun. 
USS Pampanito Submarine Overnighter Sat/Sun May 18/19. We own the boat for 14 hours. Learn from Stem to Stern.
Scout O Rama Saturday May 11th. The "Disneyland of Scouting with over 120 activities and 6000 Scouts.
Pack Meeting Thur, May 9th. Pack Meeting featuring group games.
Hike around/to the top of Angle Island Saturday, April 27th. Ferry ride to and from, hike around, visit history of the area. 
Pack Meeting Thursday April 25th. Straw rockets launched with the power of compressed air.. 
Castle Rock Hike Sunday, March 24th. 6 mile hike through the local moutains. 
Pack Meeting  Thursday March 14th. Pack Meeting and see our 5th graders bridge into Scouts BSA (the older program ages 11-18). 
Blue and Gold Dinner and Talent Show Feb 9ith. Dinner and a show put on by our Cubs. 
Planetarium Visit Saturday, Feb 2nd. See and learn about the stars from indoors.. 
Ardenwood Farms Visit Saturday, Jan 20th Visit a local farm as it was 100 years ago. 
Pinewood Derby Sat, Jan 12th The big race of little cars. 
Pinewood Derby Trials Friday Evening, Jan 11th. Complete your car, Top off at max 5.000 ounces. Test run your car and tune for perfection. 
Pack Meeting Thursday, Dec 13th. Build homeless kits for those in need. 
Pinewood Derby Clinic Saturday Dec 8th. Help to build Pinewood Derby at Woodshop with free advice. 
Overnight on USS Pampanito Saturday Nov 17th. POSTPONED as air quality hit record high of 341 in SF. 
Pack Meeting Thur, Nov 8th.
Pack Camping Trip Saturday/Sunday Oct 20th-21st, 2018. Hiking to Peak, Cooking, Skills, Night Hike, Telescope/Astronomy.
Pack Meeting Thursday, Oct 11th, 2018. 
Sheriff Tours Thursday, Oct 11th and 15th, 2018. 
Horseback and Pony Rides Sep 23rd, 2018. 1.5hr trail rides for cubs over 8 and parents, 30 min pony rides for those under 8.
Pack Meeting Sep 13th, 2018.  Photos, Periscopes, and regular Pack Meeting. 
Rocket Day August 26th, 2018 Build Rockets out of 2-Litter Soda Pop Bottles. Launch hundreds of feet high. 
Beach Trip August 12th, 2018 Spent the afternoon at the beach. 
Picnic Games July 22nd, 2018 All kinds of summer picnic games and a walk across the Bill Segarini Memorial Monkey Bridge. 
Hike July 15th, 2018 Local hike through the forest. 
Pack Meeting - Bike Rodeo June 3rd.  Bike Tuneup and riding bikes in events for score. 
Pack Camping - Family camp with Pack 566.  May 19-20, 2018.  In the local Santa Cruz\ Mountains.  All food Cub Scout Prepared and delicious.
Scout-O-Rama May 12th, 2018. County-wide Scout Carnival and Demonstrations.
Pack Meeting Thursday, May 10th, 2018.
Pack Meeting Carnival and BBQ Thursday, April 26th, 2018. Over a dozen carnival games and yummy food
Kite Flying Sunday April 8th, 2018. Everyone got a free 54" kite and flew it to the end of the 150ft string.
Barracuda Hockey Game Sat March 24th, 2018. Include getting on the ice after the game and shooting pucks into goals.
Bowling Sunday March 18th, 2018
Pack Meeting March 8th. 2018
Blue and Gold Potluck and Awards Night Feb 10th, 2018. Fellowship and Annual Rank Awards and Scout Skits.
Web II Camping Trip with Troop 566 Jan 20-21, 2018. Our oldest Cubs Camp with the big kids of Boy Scout Troop 566, our sister unit
Pack Meeting - Pinewood Derby Race Jan 13th, 2018. Rounds of racing to determine fastest and best design
Pinewood Derby Trials Jan 12th, 2018. Assembly help, Perfect 5.000oz weight adjustment, practice runs, tune-ups
Pack Meeting Dec 14th, 2017 - Build gift kits for the homeless
Pinewood Derby Car Workshop Dec 9th, 2017 Get help building your pinewood race car at a local woodshop.
Kite Flying Dec 3rd, 2017. Everyone successfully built a kite an easily flew it
Pack Meeting Raingutter Regatta Nov 9th, 2017. Cubs blew their assembled sailboats along a 10ft rain gutter filled with water.
Fall Pack Family Camping/Hiking Trip Nov 4-5, 2017. Rain did not scare us. All stayed warm and dry.
Pack Meeting - Halloween Themed Oct 2017. Snacks, Costumes, and Pumpkin Contest.
Park Summer Games Day Aug 26th, 2017. Old time park games. 3 legged race, water balloon and egg toss, tug-of-war,etc. Plus the Bill Segarini Memorial Monkey Bridge.
Coyote Creek Bike Ride July 8th, 2017. Family bike ride on protected paved bike trail with bagged lunch at half way point.
Niles Canyon Railroad Ride/Tour June 11th, 2017. Ride a full size steam train through Niles Canyon (Sunol to Hayward)
Blue Hills School Ice Cream Social Mar 5th, 2017. Pack game booths. Box Hockey, Marbles, Pick up Sticks.
Pack Family Camping Trip May 6-7, 2017. Overnight camping trip at Camp Cheesbrough.
Tilden Park Adventures Mar 5th, 2017. Ride 2 different steam trains, petting zoo, and botanical garden tour.
Overnight on USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier. Mar 5th, 2017. Tour a dozen areas, eat in the mess, sleep overnight in crew bunks, free day admission to public program.
Polaris District Pinewood Derby Race: Feb 11th, 2017. The 3 fastest and 2 best looking cars from each cub Scout Pack in Saratoga, Cupertino, & Sunnyvale competed
Bowling: Feb 4th. Pack Bowling event. Everyone who participated got to take how a real bowling pin.
Pinewood Derby Clinic: Jan 28. The big Pinewood Derby car race.
Pinewood Derby Trial: Jan 27th. Come test your pinewood derby car and tweak for speed.
Pinewood Derby Clinic: Jan 14. Come build your pinewood derby racecar with help and supervision at a woodshop.
Field Trip: Sunday Dec 11th. Trolly Ride, Christmas in the Park, Ice Skating, Amusement Park All-in-One Adventure.
Pack Meeting: Thursday Dec 8th. Monthly Pack Meeting featuring Space Derby Rubber Band Powered Rocket Races.
Service Project: Week ending Dec 3rd Menlo Church Saratoga Campus. Spreading Bark in Orchard.
Fire Station Tour: Saturday, Nov 12th at West Valley Firestation on Cox. Learning to be safer from fire and tour.
Campfire: Thursday, Nov 17th at 1:30 pm at Murphy Park in Sunnyvale. Skits and melting marshmallows for Samores.
Pack Meeting - Care N Share: Thursday, Nov 10th at 7:00 pm at Latimer School MU Room. Donate Children books. Toy Exchange & Donation.
Pack Family Camping Trip w/ Lions: Sat/Sun Nov 5-6 at Mt. Madonna Indian Rock
Parent Committee: Tuesday, Nov 1st at 7:30 pm at Lisa home
Joining Night: Tuesday, Oct 18th at 6:30 pm at Blue Hills Playground, Center Lunch Tables
Pack Meeting - Paper Airplanes: Thursday, Oct 13th at 7:00 pm at Latimer School MU Room
Day Hike: Saturday, 10/8,at Daniels Nature Center
Blue Hills Rocket Day 2: Tuesday, 10/4, Blue Hills Field
Saratoga 60th Anniversary Parade: Saturday, 9/18, Downtown Saratoga
Pack Meeting - Olympics Theme: Thursday, 9/8, Saratoga Presbyterian Church
Blue Hills Rocket Day 1: Tuesday, 8/30, Blue Hills Field
Pack Meeting - Games in the Park: Sunday, 8/14, Kevin Moran Park
Overnight at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: 7/30 - 7/31, Monterey
Coyote Creek Bike Ride: Saturday, 7/9/2016, Coyote Creek bike trail, San Jose

A Hike in the local forest is our March 2019 "Go and Do":

As we wait for everyone to arrive we pass out
trail and topo maps and trail snacks. We discuss
trail etiquette and check everyone has H2O & lunch.
As we pass over the Cliffs of
death everyone clings to the
The view from the cliffs. We forgot to take.
a picture and had to borrow this one.
We pass by and watch
many rockclimbers.

Looking back we can see
where they started. WOW!

Someone took a picture
of a skull with bugs in it.

Oh wait! Turns out its just a
picture of cub scouts in an
area of swiss cheese granite.

Aug 26, 2018 - Cubs & Siblings build 2-liter Soda Pop Bottle Rockets powered by Air and Water

Our first female Cub Scouts take her last trip of the day across the Bill Segarini Memorial Monkey Bridge

Jul 15th, 2018 - Pack Hike to the edge of Saratoga to discover the forest

Pack 566 Raingutter Regatta, Nov 9th, 2017

Part of a longer Pack meeting. Luckily the next day was a holiday.

Pack 566 Fall Camping Trip, Nov 4-5, 2017

Santa Cruz Mountainsl

Four hikes from base camp to different destinations. Cubs prepped and help cook the 4 meals for both carnivorous and vegetarian menus. With CA fire danger, no open flames were allowed. Also it was a rainy evening. Cubs enjoyed the 45,000 BTU Heaters in the 30 degree temperature under a pole barnwith one half the group taking turns performing skits for the other. If you can sing, please join as we seem to be lacking in this area. Each family camping in their own tent or as day-trippers.See what a 5 year old Cub Scout write in his journal after the trip.


Pack 566 Pinewood Derby Track hosts run offs between local Pack Winners

Feb 11th,2017 at Westgate Mall

Finalists from Cub Scout Packs from Saratoga, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale raced in friendly competition.

Pack 566 coordinates Menlo Church Saratoga Campus Bark Distribution Service Project

Week ending Dec 3rd, 2016. Help from Scouts, Siblings, and Parents of Pack 566, Troop 566, and Jensen from Girl Scout Troop 61251

Pack 566 Camping on Mount Madonna Nov 5th and 6th, 2016

*** Thanks, All, for a wonderful trip... You guys are great and have set a very high bar for us. Looking forward to the next one in the Spring.
*** This was an amazing 1st camp experience for our family! Kids have learned so much from it and many thanks for making this a wonderful learning and fun experience.
*** We went just for the day but my son really wanted to spend the night by the time we left.
*** We loved it! My son especially wanted to go camping for his birthday and he particularly enjoyed it. We also learned something new. The retiring of a flag.

Monte Bello Open Space Hike and Daniels Nature Center

Saturday afternoon, Oct 8th, 2016
A family hike to near by Black Mountain area on the mountain top behind Palo Alto.

We met up locally and then carpooled to the trailhead parking lot where we started with a short hike to the pond and nature center. A nature center volunteer helped us learn about the diversity of the area using discussion and interactive displays including skulls, bones, and skins of local animals.

After taking a lap around the pond, we came across a work and play area of the former residents, the Ohlone Indians. Here the moms ground acorns while their children played on the nearby rock slides.

We then hiked uphill to the mountain top. After a kinda steep climb, we were rewarded with the best view of the day. We could see all the way to the Pacific Ocean and the many forested valleys in between. It was hard to believe that we are in the midst of a drought when we saw so much dark green. However looking at the green trees under which there was tall dry brown grass, we realized that all we could see far away was the canopy of tree tops. Our view back to civilization (Palo Alto) was blocked by Black Mountain, the tallest mountain in the south bay.

The return trip was almost all down hill. We stopped around a bench under a shady tree along the trail and enjoyed are trail snacks. Our view alternated between canyons with rolling hills of dry grass and heavy green areas. We knew we were almost back when we crossed over the trail leading from the dam to the mountain top.


Saratoga 60th Anniversary Parade

Saturday , September 17h, 2016
We did not go to watch the parade, but to be part of it.

We met up at our meeting place parking lot where we found the older Troop 566 Boy Scouts who were marching with us. Troop 508 Scouts as were also on hand practicing their drumming! We carpooled to a parking lot strategically located near the end of the parade route to allow for a quick get-a-way then made the short hike to the staging area.

At the staging area we practiced with our Colors (American Flag and Pack Flag) . When the parade started we had to wait quite awhile as we were group number 34 so we played a few games. We marched up Big Basin Way through downtown Saratoga waving at the spectators. We were the first Cub Scouts in the parade and thankfully were ahead of the horses!

The parade route involved no turns until the end. Turning as a big group takes coordination to keep everybody in sync. A block after the turn and it was over.SURPRISE - The City and Parade Organizers treated us to cookies and ice cream. Marching in the parade was a fun and unique experience. We hope to do it again.


Blue Hills Schools Rocket Days

After School Rocket Construction & Launching Aug 30 and Oct 4th, 2016
Fun with Science. Fun with Cub Scouts. Open Event K-6

From after school on "Blue Hill Early Dismal Day" we built and shot of rockets for 4 hours.Although for all K-6 students we had many parent try their skills as well.We started with two empty 2-liter soda pop bottles.One simply had its label removed and the other was cut had its top cut off to form a nosecone.Our astronaut looked suspiciously like a tennis ball.Next came 3 or 4 fins we cut from cardboard.Next came a mile of box tape and duck tape.

Are rockets were loaded by some older Boy Scouts onto the launch pad.The owner of the rocket received safety glasses and got to move closer to the launch pad than the rest of the rocketeers. Rocket fuel turned out to be a mix of water and air.The old Boy Scouts readied the rocket by filling it full of rocket fuel.First they added about 1 liter of water into the rocket.Then they added 100 PSI of compressed air.

When the countdown approached the rocket builder was given the launch control and the countdown started.3...2....1....BLAST OFF!!!You had to be ready and have your eyes on the rocket as the rocket left the launch pad at over 100 miles per hour!Depending on design, construction, and luck the rocket flew straight like an arrow, wobbled in flight, tumbled head over tail.The straight flights could fly incredibly hight, hundreds of feet in the blink of an eye.The rockets were shot not straight up, but into the school field so we were safe from rocket landings.

CLICK--> Video of our Launch Pad and Several Launches <--CLICK