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Boy Scout Troop 29
(Congers, New York)
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Troop 29 Scout Calendar for 2014-2015

Date DoW Activity
Sept 18-20 Friday-Sunday Cape Cod Camping Trip - Greenough 
Sept 20 Sunday St. Paul's fun day (Setup at 10:30am. Take down at 4:30pm) - Scouts not going on Cape Cod Trip
Oct 3 10 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed   Re-scheduled for 10/10/15.
Oct 11 Sunday Eagle Court of Honor - Jared and Sam I - Congers Community Center - 11:30 AM (Setup at 10:30 AM)
Oct 17-18 Saturday-Sunday Visit TMR Museum, Scouting Heritage Merit Badge: Camp at TMR
Nov 6-8 Friday-Sunday Shooting Trip - Cabin/Tent TBD
Dec 5 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed
Dec 11-13 Friday-Sunday Stetler Cabin- Bulowa
Jan 15-17 Friday-Sunday Stetler Cabin- Bulowa
Feb 6-7 Saturday-Sunday Klondike- Cabin TBD
Feb 13 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed
March 18-20 Friday-Sunday St Patrick's Shooting Trip - Stetler Cabin - Bulowa. Rifle range Corned Beef & Cabbage
April 2 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed
April 15-17 Friday-Sunday Boston Bus Trip - More info to follow
May   Spring Camporee or Camping at Hershey or Knobel's Amusement Park
June 4 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed
June 25-26 Friday-Sunday Rafting Trip - Delaware River
July 24-29 Sunday-Saturday Summer Camp- Camp Ranachqua
Aug 13 Saturday Tilcon - To be confirmed