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(Congers, New York)
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Troop 29 Recognized!

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Kittatinny Trip on the Delaware River

The Fernandes' set up their campsite. Mr. Roughan works with his tent as Kevin cracks up and Sam poses.




 All listen intently as Mr. Fernandes gives great detail.
 Anton and Sam poses with their parents before the fun event begins.




 Hold on Mr. Leonard for a nice, dry ride of your life!
 Mr. Schauer directs the boys down river for a smooth ride.

  The Happy  Scouts strike a pose.
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 The fire pit area is the best place to be for some winding down in the evening.




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Scouts Serve: St. Paul's Clothing Drive

April 18, 2010 Scouts assist moving numerous bags to load onto the truck for collection.

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Boston MA Trip scrapbook 

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Bullowa Camping- Munci Leantos and Rifle Range

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Memorial Day Parade 2009






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