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Hudson Valley Council

Rockland BSA Council:

National Council:

Ten Mile River Scout Camp (Summer Camp)

Merit badge links:

Eagle Project Manual:

BSA Supplies:

BSA Training for the leaders:

Scouting in New York (Wikipedia article)

Dan Beard Gravesite:


Boys' Life Magazine

Resources at Boy Scout Trail

Find plenty of information regarding scouting; ranks, how-tos, skits, jokes, etc...
For the scouts and adults.  Find more at Boy Scout Trail

The roads to Camp Bullowa

A PDF map to Camp Bullowa in Stony Point, NY.

Tilcon NY

Tilcon's involvement with boy scouts include; providing yearly scout tours of their facilities, eagle scout aide with materials and funds, and Tilcon Cleanup funding for bi-monthly boy scout service on Old Mill Road.  Tilcon NY

Scout Uniform Inspection Sheets

BSA Knowledge Base

You find a wealth of information provided by other scouts, leaders, and other members from different troops and patrols when you log in to search the database.  Make sure you click "Local/Global Scout Community" from the drop down menu in the search area.
Leaders can add useful ideas to share.  Remember to leave this world a better place than you found it, and here is one place you can do this.