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Boy Scout Troop 306
(Bethlehem , Pennsylvania)
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          Class A:      To be worn at Troop meetings, Court of Honors,

                             District or Council events, Summer Camp retreats,

                             and when traveling to special scout functions


                             Minimum: Troop Cap, BSA shirt, Troop Neckerchief.


Class B       To be worn at other scout functions, unless otherwise



                             Minimum: Troop T-shirt and Troop Cap


                             The Troop will supply the first Troop neckerchief.

                             The cost of:

                                      Additional Neckerchief          $7

                                      Troop T-shirt                          $12

                                      Troop Cap                               $15

                                      Adult  Troop Shirt                  $15   


Scout Handbook

·        Required at all meetings and hiking/camping activities.      

·        Scout Handbooks are available At the Scout Service Center


Membership Fee

·        The annual membership fee for the Troop is $50.00. The fee covers BSA registration, insurance, and Boys Life.  The fee runs from January 1 to December 31. If the Scout joins in mid year the fee is prorated. Adult fee is $25.00.

·        Please make checks payable to Troop 306   BSA, unless instructed differently.

·        There are no weekly/monthly dues.


·        Event costs are normally $15. The cost may be higher for District/Councils events to cover registration and patches.

·        Please make checks payable to Troop 306   BSA, unless instructed differently.



·        All Scouts should participate in the Troop fundraising events.

·        Funds raised by the events are split 30%/70% by the Troop and the Scout raising them.

·        Scouts will have an individual account within the Troop treasury, to be used for camping, membership fees, Scout gear, etc. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

·        If the Scout fails to re-register with the Troop the following year, the funds reverts back to the Troop’s general operating funds.

·        If a Scout transferred to another Troop, the money in the Scout’s account will be transferred, via a check to the new Troop, to be placed into the Scout’s account.


Patrol Leader Council

·        Patrol Leader Council members will meet monthly to plan the next month’s meetings.


Troop Committee Meetings

·        Committee meetings are held monthly. See Scoutmaster for the next meeting.


Parental Involvement

·        You are encouraged to formally help as either an Assistant Scoutmaster or as a Troop Committee Member.

·        If you have any ideas for special meetings/events, please inform the Scoutmaster.

·        Parents are always invited to participate in any Troop activities.

·        Drivers for the various Troop events are always needed.


Board of Review

·        Will be held in late September, January, and May.

·        Additional may be held if needed.

·        Scout is required to wear uniform and to bring his Scout Handbook.


Court of Honor

·        Will be held in late September, January, and May.

·        Additional may be held if needed.


Annual Calendar of Events

·        The annual calendar of events is determined in late August.

·        The calendar is updated as needed. If updated, the new calendar will be given to the Scouts.


General Guidelines

·        At times, there are other competing functions for the boys. Please let the Scoutmaster know if there is a conflict. The Scouts are encouraged to attend all of the Scout functions, even if it is only for part of the time.

·        Uniform shirts must be tucked into pants.

·        Electronic games, CD players, etc. are not allowed on Scouting functions

·        Non-Scouting magazines are not allowed on Scouting functions, without prior approval from the Scoutmaster.

·        No straight-blade type sheath knives at any Scout Function.


Rank Advancement


There are seven ranks the Scouts can earn on their Trail to Eagle. The requirements for each of the ranks are given in the Scout Handbook.



The Scout rank is the first rank that a boy will earn. Most of the requirements will be completed at the Troop meeting. The pamphlet exercise on “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide” must be completed by a parent or guardian.



After earning the Scout award the next set of ranks are Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. All of these ranks require that the Scout:

·        Be active in the Troop and participate at activities other than the normal Troop meeting.

·        Master basic Scouting skills.

·        Demonstrate Scout spirit.

·        Participate in a Scoutmaster Conference

·        Complete a Board of Review.


The older Scouts and adults are more than willing to sit down with the Scout for instructions and to sign off on the require-ments. Parents may sign off on requirements if appropriate.


Scouts should have the requirement signed off in the back section of their Scout Handbook , as soon as they complete the requirement in order to avoid any future confusion.


All three of these ranks can be worked on at the same time. It is possible to complete all of the requirements for them at the same time.


While working on these ranks the Scouts can also work on merit badges.


These two ranks require that the Scout:

·        Be active in the Troop for a period of time.

·        Demonstrate Scout spirit.

·        Earn merit badges (6 for Star and a total of 11 for Life)

·        Serve in a leadership position.

·        Participate in a Scoutmaster Conference

·        Complete a Board of Review.



This is the highest rank in Scouting that a Scout can earn. To earn this rank the Scout must:

·        Be active in the Troop for six months as a Life Scout.

·        Complete a Service project.

·        Demonstrate Scout spirit.

·        Earn a total of 21 merit badges.

·        Serve in a leadership position for six months..

·        Participate in a Scoutmaster Conference

·        Complete a Board of Review.


Merit Badges

A merit badges is an award that the Scout can earn by completing requirements in an area of study. There are over 100 merit badges.


Merit badges are normally earned at Summer Camp or by working individually with an approved merit badge counselor outside of the Troop meetings.


To earn a merit badge the Scout must:

1.     Select a merit badge.

2.     Obtain the merit badge book and familiarize himself with the requirements.

3.     Obtain a signed blue merit badge card from the Scoutmaster.

4.     Find out the names of the approved Merit Badge Counselors from the Scoutmaster.

5.     Call one of the Counselors and set up a meeting. In most cases, the Scout needs to have completed the requirements before visiting the counselor. In some cases the counselor may want to discuss how to proceed before the Scout starts on the requirements. This is especially true in the case of merit badges that require the Scout to keep records over several months. Upon completion of the requirements the counselor will sign the blue card.

6.     Bring the completed card to the Scoutmaster so that he can record the completion of the merit badge with the Council.