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Boy Scout Troop 306
(Bethlehem , Pennsylvania)
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Scout Organization       


 The Troop Committee, Scoutmaster,and Assistant Scoutmasters are the adult leadership positions in theTroop.

The scouts hold all other leadershi positions, known as Junior Leader Positions, planning programs and conducting meetings. Elections are held and appointments made bi annually. 

  •  Senior Patrol Leader (SPL): Runs all troop meetings, events,activities, semi-annual program planning conferences, and Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meetings.He also appoints Troop Junior Leaders and assists in their training and assignment of duties. He is elected by all troop members for a six month term.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL):Helps the SPL run all troop activities. In the absence of th SPL, the Assistant takes over. He helps train and supervises the Troop Scribe, Quartermaster, Historian, Libarian, and Chaplin Aide.

Troop Staff (appointed by SPL)

  1.     Scribe: Attends and keeps logs for all PLC meetings, records attendance at all troop events and meetings.
  2.     Quartermaster: Maintains records on troop and patrol equipment. Oversees the maintentance of the troop equipment and scout room. Issues all equipment needed for outings.
  3.      Historian: Gathers pictures and facts about troop events and keeps them in a historical scrapbook.
  4.      Librarian: Sets up and maintains the troop  library. Oversees the circulation of troop literature and makes suggestions on materials to be purchased.
  5.    Chaplain Aide: Plans and leads non denominational services services on troop outings. Encourages all scouts to take part in the religious emblems proggram.
  6.     Order of the Arrow Representative(OA Rep): Represents the troop at district OA meetings and conveys to the troop informaion on the OA.
  7.      Instructor: Teaches the scouts specialized skills.

  A patrol consists of six to eight boys who work together. Considered as a scouts's family circle, the patrol is usually made up of similar age and experience levels and aims to foster a sense of pride and identity .Leadership at the patrol level is regarded as the first step towads a Junior Leadership position.

  • Patrol Leader: Guides the patrol and all patrol activities and represents the patrol at the PLC meetings. Knows the advancement need and outing intrests of all scouts in his patrol and works to satisfy those needs and intersts. Elected by patrol members.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader: Fills in when patrol leader is not present. Attends PLC meetings.