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Welcome to our Mom & Daughter Troop 1571 You have found us! At Troop 1571 in Galloway, we are all about having a mother-daughter experience! Tired of the traditional troop model of scouting, and fearful of tackling individual scouting (formerly "Juliettes"), we decided to combine a little of both experiences: Each mother works individually with her girl on patches and badges, while we meet as a troop to discuss events, work on service projects, take field trips, and conduct cookie sales. It's a new concept, but so far, it's working for us!

If you are in the Galloway, OH, area and would like info on our unique Girl Scout experience, please contact Kim or Janet.

As a note to all our moms: don't forget to make sure that you have ALL of your coursework completed. Some of us are not on the service unit or council record as having completed every step, so let me review the steps to being fully certified to accompany our troop on ANY event.

  1. Sign up as a Girl Scout on CORA or on a paper application. (CORA is fast and easy but requires a credit card pymt)
  2. Online Volunteer App
  3. Background Check Online at GSOOH.ORG - must be renewed every 3 years.
  4. GS101 online - only needs to be done once.

If you've completed these steps, you are legal to sit in at the meetings ONLY. To attend field trips and overnights, there is still more to do...

   5. Take Safety Essentials Online through CORA.
   6. Take the VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS course offered at many different times and locations throughout the GSOH council area. You may even be able to take a course in the neighboring councils if necessary if you contact that council's office.

At this point, you may stop if you choose. However, there are many more courses available, such as the Troop Camp Certification, Day Camp Certification (offered through Service Unit level), First Aid, Challenge Course Facilitator, Backpacking Facilitator, Canoeing Facilitator, Archery Facilitator, etc. These courses are offered at different times throughout the year, though they are not offered as often, so sign up early when you see a posting either on CORA or in the GSOH magazine.