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(MORGANTOWN, West Virginia)
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Volunteer Time

There is a LOT of work that goes into creating a quality program for our kids.  All leaders in the Pack are volunteers.  Each year, scouts leave the pack and bridge over to Scouts BSA; and, with them, go the veteran volunteers that have served the Pack for years.  The Cub Scout program needs every parent/guardian to help out, even if in a small way.  Join an event committee, or talk to one of the adult leaders in uniform to volunteer for one of the many leadership roles in the Pack!

New Den Leaders

As new scouts join into the Pack, new Dens are formed.  New Dens require new Den Leaders.  We ask that a parent of one of the scouts in the new Den step up along with another to co-lead together.  You set the meeting schedule and which activities you work on together and which activities should be completed at home.

Many Dens have Duty to God completed within the family as each families religious beliefs may be different.

Stepping up to volunteer as a Den Leader can be very scary but just think of the impact you will have on your child and those within your Den.  Remember our children are only with us for a short time before they get busy with High School sports, Band, Friends, jobs, and other things they choose are more important than being with Mom and Dad.  Take this time as a family to enjoy the Life of Scouting while having an amazing time with Pack 52.

To put things further into perspective here's a short story from an anonymous person to think about --
With current advances in medical technology, it's possible your child will live to be 100 years of age.  If you (adult) are now 35, statistically you are likely to live to be 75 or so, when your child will be about 50.  This represents the years you and your child will have together in their lifetime.

Your child is probably 8 or 9 now so that cuts less time you have together.  How old do you suppose your child will be when they go off to college?  17-19? So if your child is 8 or 9 and they go off to college, you only have another 10 years to be together with your child at home.

When your child is about 13, their friends become a much bigger and often major influence in their life.  That brings us down to just a handful of years that we truly are the influencers.  This is the time you have left to be the major shaping force of your child's life.  You can show your child how important they are to you by becoming involved in Scouting with your child.  Scouting is a remarkable opportunity for you and your child to share a great variety of fun, exciting and positive experiences.  Experiences that give you that opportunity to help your child grow into an adult that you'll be proud to point to and say "That's my child - they're a good person."

Thank you so much to all that volunteer!

Lori Ludas
Cubmaster Pack 52