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Boy Scout Troop 207
(South Plainfield, New Jersey)
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About Troop 207 and Joining Us

Chartered:  April 1996

Sponsor:  American Legion , OakTree Road, South Plainfield

We follow the policies and the practices of the BSA. We ask no more from each scout thento DO YOUR BEST.

We are active at our district level of scouting. It is our belief that scouting shouldn't be an isolated activity butrather we should strive to be an active participant as part of the Boy Scouts of America. Consequently we are activein our district camporees, first aid rallies, Klondike Derby,and Scout Week acitivites.

We take our responsibility to serve our community seriously by particiipating in the, Scouting for Food and town cleanup.

We encourage Parents and Guardians to become involved in the troop by holding no closed meetings or functions.

Weare an active Troop. Our goals areto continue to learn scouting skills, to livethe scout law while growing strong as citizens of our community and tohaveFun. If you have any questions please emailus at either or  You can also come in to one of our Troop Meetings any Thursday night from 6:30-8:00 PM at the South Plainfield American Legionhall on Oak Tree Road in South Plainfield, NJ.