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Cub Scout Pack 615
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This page highlights just a few of the events and activities that are part of Pack 615's program.

Pinewood Derby

Each year in March, we have our annual Pinewood Derby. One month in advance, each Cub Scout is issued a kit, consisting of a block of wood, four plastic wheels, and four nails (to be used as axles). Using this basic kit, each boy cuts, carves, shapes, and decorates a gravity-powered car to compete in the derby.

Cars race on a 30-foot-long aluminum track and reach scale speeds of 200 mph. Awards are given in each age division for the fastest cars. The top finishers have the opportunity to compete with Cubs from other Packs, in a District-wide derby held later in the spring.

It's not just about speed, though. We present design awards in various categories, including fastest-looking car, most humorous design, best paint job, etc.

To give parents (and siblings) an outlet for their own creative and competitive tendencies, we also accept cars to race in a separate "unlimited" division.