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Cub Scout Pack 150
(Pleasant Valley, Nevada)
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2019 Popcorn

2019 Popcorn Sales

Our goal for each scout is $250, Unit goal is $11,000 (making these goals earns us additional commission on sales)

Pack 150 Show & Sell Dates **each scout must volunteer 2 hours of his time to sell popcorn
Sun 9/22/19-Sportsman's Warehouse

Sat 9/28/19 Sportsmans Warehouse
Sun 9/29/19 Sportsman's Warehouse

2.  You may go door to door anywhere you wish(doesn't have to be in our district!)
3.  Never go alone!  Always go with an adult
4.  Download the app to your phone or tablet
a. sign in or registrar
b. use the app for both credit card sales and cash sales (tracking sales on the app helps with inventory and using the app also gets us an additional 5% commission)
c. be sure you mark if the product was delivered or not
5.  You may sell online. 

a.  Go to
b.  Sign in or create your account
c.  Send emails to your customers
d.  View your online sales
e.  your customers get their popcorn sent to them immediately to their front door
f.  You can accept credit cards this way!  Just get  their order, send an email to your customer & invite them(extra charges apply for online sales)
6.  You can also do your own show and sells at Kruse's ( check with Casey inside first) or at the corner of 395 and Eastlake - contact Thea beforehand to arrange for popcorn pick up
7.  Anyone interested in doing a Blitz sale?  Let's set up a date

3 reasons people buy popcorn from you
1. Support your Scout
2. Support BSA
3. Product


September 6th - popcorn will be available for pick up for wagon sales
October 19th - all take orders due in to Thea
October 31st - popcorn sale ends (your scout can sell online between the 20th and the 31st)

Motivation to sell...
1.  Rewards will be sent direct to your scout via an Amazon gift card so they can order what they want.  Sell $350 to earn $10, $500 to earn $20, and so on.  MUST BE ON TRAILS END to earn these amazon rewards from BSA.
2.  Sell 250 to earn a reward from the pack, TBD.  Sell 350 to earn a pack 150 camp out for 4 paid for by pack 150.  (no cost to you parents, parking costs excluded) Sell 450, pack 150 will pay for your day camp June 2020.
3. $1000 Sales gets you an invite to the Star Wars Party, screening of the movie when it comes out in theaters with all other scouts who earned it.
4.  $1500 sales gets you an invite to Popcorn party
5.  $2500 scholarship Program, 6% of sales to go balance (accumulative)