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Scouts are expected to have, care for, and wear a uniform, assuming the Scout’s family has the means to get one. It isn’t necessary to have the latest “style;” all Scout uniforms, regardless of vintage, are officially accepted. No boy will ever be turned away from Scouting if his family can’t afford a uniform. In such a case, please speak with the Scoutmaster.



Class-A Uniform. The Class-A uniform shall be worn to all regular Troop meetings, or at certain other events as directed by the Senior Patrol Leader. Wearing the uniform when appropriate is an important part of Scout Spirit, which in turn is an important part of a Scout’s advancement.

At a minimum, the Troop 50 Type-A uniform consists of:

  Scout shirt, with epaulet tabs;



  Troop-issued neckerchief, with slide;






   Official BSA headgear if approved by the Scoutmaster. 
    If the  Scout does not have a suitable hat, no other hat will be worn;






  Shoes or clean boots will also be worn at all events.



   Correct insignia, consisting of:



Council shoulder patch
Unit number
World Scouting emblem
Current Quality Unit insignia
Patrol insignia (when issued)
Leader insignia, if applicable
Arrow of Light insignia, if applicable. 



Uniform shirts shall be buttoned, and tucked into pants or shorts. Athletic attire (gym shorts, etc.) are not part of the Class-A uniform, and are not acceptable.

At certain events, such as Courts of Honor, Color Guard Duty, Scout Sunday, or other events as directed by the Senior Patrol Leader, Scouts will wear, if applicable, their Merit Badge Sash and Order of the Arrow Sash.



Class-B Uniform. The Class-B uniform is our troop t-shirt . This is our daytime summer camp uniform, and most Scouts choose to wear it at outdoor Troop activities when weather permits. This is encouraged.

Dinner at Scout summer camp requires a change into the Class-A uniform.