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Over 70% of firefighters nationwide are volunteers.  Yet, while call volume has steadily increased, the number of volunteer firefighters has steadily decreased. Additionally, career departments are desperate for qualified applicants.  The need for motivated and skilled firefighters, technical rescuers, and emergency medical personnel has never been greater.

The challenge of any fire department is to recruit and retain aptly trained men and women, who are dedicated to pursuing excellence in the fire service while maintaining its proud traditions.  In response to this challenge, many departments across the country have initiated junior member programs to encourage local youth to get involved in the fire service at an early age.

The challenge of any junior firefighter program is to expose youth in the community to the fire service, offer interesting and relevant educational opportunities, and provide real-life experiences that motivate these young men and women to pursue a career in public safety.


The mission of the Warren County Junior Firefighter program is to prepare its members for a career in the fire service by training to recognized firefighting standards through continuing education and hands-on drills, while maintaining passing grades in school.


"Learning Today ~ Leading Tomorrow!"


  1. Demonstrate good moral character; have no criminal convictions, and no adverse driving history.

  2. Must be at least 14 years old but not yet 21 years of age.

  3. Must be currently enrolled in school (unless graduated) and maintain grades of a "C" average (i.e., 2.0 GPA) or higher with no failing classes; and maintain a satisfactory school attendance record and not be under disciplinary suspension or expulsion.

  4. Must join their local volunteer fire department as a junior member, which will provide them with the appropriate gear and equipment. Members must also abide by their fire department's rules and regulations.

  5. Must join Fire Explorer Post 672 and remain current with annual membership dues and fees.

  6. Must actively participate in a plurality of the Post's activities (meetings, trainings, fundraisers, community service projects, etc.).

  • NOTE: Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and economic status are not criteria for participation.


The Post is run by youth-elected youth Officers, who are guided by the adult advisors.  The Post Officers lead meetings, plan and develop activities, and ensure that all activities are conducted within safety guidelines.

  • Business Meetings - 1st Mondays of every month, 7:00 pm, at Warrenton Rural FD, 236 S. Main St., Warrenton. 
    ***Perspective members are invited to attend these meetings with their parents.***

  • Training - 3rd Thursdays of every month (usually), 7:00 pm, location may vary but usually at Warrenton Rural FD, 236 S. Main St., Warrenton

  • Training - 5th Mondays of the month (about 4 times a year), 7:00 pm, location may vary but usually at Warrenton Rural FD, 236 S. Main St., Warrenton

  • We also train on other specially called dates, especially as we approach a competition or event.  Locations and times will vary but are typically after school or on the weekends.


Every January, each member must annually pay the following:
  • $33 - BSA/Exploring Registration Fee
  • $2  -  BSA Insurance Coverage Fee
  • $10 - Post Dues
$45.00 - TOTAL

NOTE: Fees & dues may increase with little or no notification.  The junior firefighter's fire department may elect to cover the annual costs for their members.


Warren County Junior Firefighters
Fire Explorer Post 672
Post Office Box 634
Warrenton, North Carolina 27589


John W. Franks
Warrenton Rural Fire Department
(252) 820-0513

Julian “Juice” Greene
Warrenton Rural Fire Department
(252) 204-8058

Mark Pitzing
Afton-Elberon Fire Department
(252) 213-3814

Josh “Heavy Duty” Terry
Norlina Fire Department
(252) 432-9401

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