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TROOP 51 Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

In 1908, Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, first Baron of Gilwell, founded the Boy Scouts in England. This organization took root in a time where boys were in need of a way to belong to a group that would encourage and support them. The Scouts gave them purpose and direction in a time when many youths were becoming disillusioned by technology, the Industrial Revolution and society in general.

The group embodied certain ideals such as; service, duty, loyalty, and honesty that were so desperately needed. Growing up in the English countryside, Baden-Powell learned that living a meaningful life focused on moderation, allowed for him to become a good citizen. These ideals, as well as many others, became the Boy Scout oath we know today. The Slogan of Scouting, “Do a Good Turn Daily”, was developed to ensure that Scouts would focus on service and duty. This was as important then, as it is today.

As the story goes, while on a trip to London, a business- man from Chicago, Illinois, William D. Boyce, became lost in the fog. An unknown boy came to his aide and assisted him with directions. Seeing that Mr. Boyce was not able to follow the directions, the boy guided him to his destination. When Mr. Boyce attempted to give the boy a tip, the boy stated, ‘this he did as his, “Good Turn” and asked for nothing in return.’ Surprised, Boyce asked what he meant, and the boy explained that he was a Scout and left him in the fog.

This act of kindness became the impetus of the Scouting movement in America.

On February 8, 1910, the Boy Scouts of America were incorporated and was nationally chartered in 1916 by congress under Title 36 of the United States Code.

Troop 51 was founded on those same ideals set forth by Sir Baden-Powell and Mr. Boyce. The concept that boys need structure and role models in their lives. The men that founded Troop 51 were in the early days of Scouting. George Wade, the first Scoutmaster of our troop intended the Troop to prepare boys for life.