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Troop Committee Chairman Welcome

by Scott Bertetti - Troop 80 Committee Chairman (former)

Congratulations to you for selecting Boy Scout Troop 80 for your Boy Scouting experience!

Troop 80 is a member of the Three Rivers District of the Northern New Jersey Council and has a tradition extending over 85 years of providing character building, physical fitness, and skills development to boys between the ages of 10-1/2 and 18 years of age.

Scouting is an activity that boys and their parents can enjoy together. It is also an activity that boys can take into adulthood. Some of our adult leaders have been active in scouting since their own childhood and others since their sons joined scouting as first graders.

Troop 80 is fortunate to have all this experience on our troop committee. The primary function of the troop committee is to support the uniformed trained adult leaders (i.e., the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters) who guide the boys in the troop. We do that in part by planning annual fund raising, providing transportation,recruiting new uniformed leaders and ensuring the troop’s uniformed leaders and committee members are current on all their BSA training. The committee is composed of adults, all registered with the Boy Scouts of America, who meet monthly to discuss troop activities, review initiatives introduced by the national organization or our Council, and ensure the troop’s back-office operations are running smoothly.

Our troop, like most others, is a boy-led organization. The boys, through the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC), make the decisions about troop activities and camping trips; plan them and then carryout their plans. To maintain the high degree of success enjoyed by the boys in the troop, it is essential that a continuous flow of trained adult leaders be available to accompany them on camping trips and other troop activities; and guide them in rank advancement.

Parents of new and veteran scouts alike are strongly encouraged to read the Scoutmaster’s Introduction elsewhere on this site. Also, the Troop’s Welcome Guide is available from the Scoutmaster, it contains significantly more information. We believe that all this information will be very helpful and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with you and your son.

If you have questions about the troop, please feel free to contact our Troop Committee Chairman Bill Berde or Scoutmaster Mikki Rehak.

Troop Meeting Cancellations Due To Severe or Dangerous Weather

Just a reminder that if the Park Ridge High School is closed on a Monday solely due to weather conditions, our Troop meeting will also be cancelled unless conditions improve enough before meeting time. If severe weather hits after school releases for the day and the meeting is cancelled you will be contacted by your Patrol Leader. If your Patrol Leader does not call, the meeting will beheld as scheduled. 

Meetings will be held on all Mondays with the exception of Memorial Day, Labor Day and the Monday between Christmas and New Years' Day. If you are unsure, please refer to the Troop Calendar; or, contact your Patrol Leader or the SPL for more information. 

Emails will also be sent out via our website's broadcast system. If you are not signed up, contact the Webmaster or Scoutmaster.