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Troop 1146 is a Boy-run Troop sponsored by Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community.

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 1146, Texas Skies District, Sam Houston Council located in beautiful Katy Texas.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with your son to help him attain his personal goals.

Our meetings are held on Mondays at 7:30 PM at Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community click here for a map.

Meetings start with an opening, which includes the flag ceremony a recital of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, then announcements and other important information. All of our meetings end with a retiring of the colors.

Scoutmaster:  Scott Childs

If you are a scout or parent of a Scout and need to request access to Troop Only side of this site please email with your name, email address unique to yourself alone and reason for requesting access (you are a scout, you are the parent of a scout) and provide scouts name, patrol and rank.


Unit Emphasis:

· Boy Led (Patrol Leader Council)

· Every activity has Scout Coordinator

· First Class Emphasis– encourages learning from fellow scouts but provide several assistant scoutmasters to facilitate learning and signoff of skill sets.

· Stress Troop encouragement for Scouts to Advance to the top on trail to Eagle. In the past 3 years, approximately 12 Scouts attained Eagle Rank and all were active members when they turned 18.

· Methods of encouraging progress on Trail to Eagle: "Scoutbucks" for rank advancement,merit badge, service work; "Scoutbuck" auctions at each Troop Court of Honor. Three (3) Troop Court of Honors yearly.

· Summer camp every year– encourages especially younger scouts to attend to facilitate learning basic scout skills.

· Winter Camp every year– encourage all scouts to attend for a great opportunity to earn eagle-required and other merit badges

· One or two High Adventures each summer (for older boys)

· Monthly campouts

· Troop Fundraiser is Flags Across America and Christmas Greenery. Portion of the money earned by Scout goes into his Scout account and can be used for any Scout related expenditure

· Over 90% of Eagles conduct Eagle Court of Honor

· Fun activity, (e.g., Laser Quest, Frisbee Golf, Texas Rock Gym, etc.) every other month

· On campouts, all adults camp and cook as a separate patrol (Fossil Patrol)

New Scout Note:

  • Several Assistant Scoutmasters are specifically focused on First Class Emphasis.
  • Webelos and other new Scouts are integrated into the existing patrols (mixed ages).
  • Each patrol camps and cooks together on monthly campouts; new Scouts will have the opportunity to serve as Patrol Grubmaster.
  • Older Scouts serve as instructors in areas of knots, wood tools, fire-making, propane(fire safety), and first aid.
  • Troop always goes to a Scout Summer Camp offering both First Class Emphasis and Merit Badge opportunities.

Chartered Organization: Epiphany of the Lord Catholic

Meeting: 7:30 to 8:30 Mondays when KISD classes are in session

Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community, 1530 Norwalk, Katy, TX 77450