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Cub Scout Pack 53
(Mediapolis, Iowa)
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My New Uniform

Congratulations!  You have just joined the pack.  Now you are probably asking what you should wear. 

You will need the following items:

  Tiger Wolf Bear Webelos Adults
Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve)
cub scout short sleve shirt
cub scout short sleve shirt Boy Scouts/Adult short sleeve shirt
Boy Scout/Adult short sleeve shirt
Boy Scout/Adult short sleeve shirtLadies Cub Scout Leader yellow blouse
Shoulder Loops
Blue Shirt:
Tan Shirt:
blue shoulder loops
blue shoulder loops
Pants/Shorts Blue Jeans
Blue Slacks
Blue Cub Scout Pants
Blue Shirt:
Blue Jeans
Blue Slacks
Blue Cub Scout Pants
Tan Shirt:
Blue Jeans
Olive Boy Scout Pants
Blue Jeans
Olive Boy Scout pants
Tan Shirt:
Blue Jeans
Olive Boy Scout pants

Yellow Shirt:
Blue Jeans
Blue Scout pants
Mississippi Valley
Council Shoulder Patch
Pack Numbers 53
World Scout Crest World Scout Crest Emblem
Den Number
Patrol Patch
den number patch
Find out your den number before purchasing.
patrol emblem
Find out your patrol emblem before purchasing.
Cap tiger cub cap wolf cub cap bear cub cap webelos cap  Optional: Wear the cap for your den level.
Neckerchief tiger cub neckerchief wolf cub neckerchief bear cub neckerchief webelos neckerchief leader neckerchief
Neckerchief Slide tiger cub slide wolf cub slide bear cub slide webelos slide Optional: Wear the slide for your den level or one of your own.
Belt cub scout belt  
boy scout belt
*Note: Beltloop awards will not fit on Boy Scout Belt
boy scout belt
Buckle tiger cub belt cub scout buckle webelos buckle  
Socks (optional) tiger cub socks cub scout socks
cub scout socks boy scout socks
Webelos Colors   webelos colors  
Handbook tiger cub handbook wolf cub handbook bear cub handbook webelos handbook  

These items may be purchased at Mississippi Valley Scout Shop in Burlington or online at  Find other locations.

Uniform Inspection (Patch Placement)

Cub Scout
Adult Leader