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Boy Scout Troop 206
(Cornwall, New York)
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Ten Mile River Camp Ranachqua

Troop 206 attends Summer Camp at Camp Ranachqua located at Ten Mile River. 


Link To Ten Mile River Website

Camp Ranachqua offers all the resources you'd expect from a 12,000 acre scout reservation with the personal attention and atmosphere of a much smaller camp. The combination of these elements make Ranachqua the perfect destination for you and your troop this summer! Lake Nianque serves as home to the most dedicated, spirited and knowledgeable staff around. We know that as Scouts we all look forward to summer camp as the pinnacle of our year and if you and your troop are looking for a place to call home look no further than Camp Ranachqua!



Travel on Route 17 to exit 104 (Monticello Raceway). Travel on 17B for about 6.7 miles into White Lake and blinking light. At 0.7 miles beyond the blinker, make a left hand turn on Route 55 West. Follow Route 55 for about 4.1 miles to the Ten Mile River Camp cut-off on the right hand side which is Crystal Lake Rd. (County Route 26). Follow Crystal Lake Rd for approx 3.3 miles to a sharp left turn in the road. At the sharp turn take the dirt road on the right. Follow the signs to Camp Ranaqua.  Click here! Directions to the campsite will be provided in an email.


 Scout Checklist – Items to Bring to Camp

This is only a suggested list. Check it carefully, change it as you see fit, and make copies for all your Scouts. All items should be labeled with the Scout’s name.

Remember to place your towel and swim trunks on the top of your pack. You will need these early
on Sunday to take the swim test.

† Also available at the Trading Post.

***The following are musts:
? Completed Medical Form
? Prescribed medications (to be given to the Scoutmaster; medications will be held by the camp nurse;
**MUST be in their original container** put all in a zip lock bag
? Sleeping bag or 3 blankets
? Poncho or raincoat
? Waterproof footwear
? Comfortable, broken-in hiking boots
? Extra shoes (old sneakers)
? Insect Repellent (Lotion, Pump Spray only) †
? Complete summer uniform
? Clothing bag containing
?     Athletic Socks (1 pair per day)
?     Extra Scout Socks (2-3 pair per week)
?     T-shirts
?     Underwear (1 for each day)
?     Extra shorts
?     Extra shirts
?     Jeans or other long pants
?     Pajamas or sweat suit
? Swim trunks (No cut-off Jeans)
? Towels
? Toilet kit containing
?     Soap in plastic container
?     Toothbrush and Toothpaste
?     Comb and Brush
?     Metal Mirror
?     Toenail Clipper
?     Tissues
? Warm Sweater or Jacket
? Flashlight and extra batteries †
? Boy Scout Handbook †
? Scout knife (No Sheath Knives) †
? Props for Troop or Patrol Skits

Optional, but recommended:
? Pillow or air pillow
? Air mattress or pad
? Compass †
? Backpack
? Laundry Bag
? Sunglasses
? Fishing tackle
? Clothing sewing kit
? Bible or prayer book
? Inexpensive or disposable camera & film
? Notebook and Pen or Pencil
? Canteen †
? Individual first aid kit †
? Merit badge pamphlets †
? Ground cloth
? Extra flashlight bulb
? Wrist watch
? Spending money
(recommended $30 per week)

Please Leave at Home:

Large or expensive radios or other electronics
Computer Games
Valuable Comic books
Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Bows and arrows
Valuable cameras, jewelry, etc.
Sheath or Survival Knives
Aerosol cans
Cell phones
Anything that would distract from the Scouting
atmosphere that should prevail at camp.

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2020 medical-form-2.pdf NEW for 2020!