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Boy Scout Troop 244
(New Palestine, Indiana)
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Our Eagle Scouts

Braden Bastin January 2021
Scott Poffitt - October 2020
Chance Middleton - November 2019
Robbie Knight - July 2019
Logan Hill - March 2019
Luke Horner - September 2018
Zachary Mitchell - March 2018
Matthew Kelley - March 2018
Ethan Haeberle - February 2018
Christian Covey - January 2018
Matthew Crawford - December 2017
Evan Rudicle - September 2017
Braden Fielding - June 2017
Kurt Ulrich - March 2017
Briar Anderson - November 2016
Michael O'Leary - September 2016
Zak Johnston - April 2016
Simon Sasin - November 2015
Alex Clay - October 2015
Noah Davis - October 2015
Ethan Grunden - May 2015
David Booher - March 2015
Kyler Reeves - December 2014
Cory Sitler - October 2014
Justin Porter - September 2014
Andrew Shields - September 2014
Benjamin Sasin - December 2013
Kaleb Reeves - September 2013
Zach Baumgartner - March 2013
Austin Bravard - May 2012
Kenny Gulley - March 2012
Josh Hanselman - January 2012
Perry Flaugh - December 2011
Collin Eller - November 2011
Zach Nagel - October 2011
Sam Moan - October 2011
Nicholas Wehrheim - August 2011
Evan Axthelm - June 2011
Alex Heller - June 2011
Michael Wehrheim May 2011
Alex Romoser - May 2011
Ian Dooley - April 2011
Adam Rominger - August 2010
Andy Seifert - 2009
Zachery Webster - 2009
Jason Oler - 2009
Paul Weller - 2007
David Wheeler - 2006
Troop Historian Updating...
Additional names provide by Mr. Roger Cox and Mr. Keith Wheller (w/o dates):
Zach Adams, Matt Templeton, Zach Linhart, Matt Linhart, Brandon Miller, Shannon Miller, Sean Ward, Damian Miller, Mark Thalls, Matt Thalls, Greg Cassell, Jeff Miller, Ryan Templeton, Nick Heffelmire, Jim Carl, Mike Merrill, Mike Rotheler, Shea Sandusky, Eddy Staggie, Tim Staggie, Tony Staggie, Josh DellonKamp, Scott Haines, Ted Cooper, Andy Cooper, Kyle Bates and "Dynamite" Doug Whitcomb

Eagle Scout Candidate's Projects

The Eagle Scout Candidate manages his Eagle Project. He will put to use all of the lessons he learned as a Boy Scout; communicating, organizing, recruiting, conceiving an idea, selling the idea, planning the work, assigning work details to those helping him, being the "accountant" that tracks the hours worked and the money spent, etc. In every conceivable way, HE is the "project leader".

THESE are the highly desirable skills and traits that makes "Eagle Scout" stand out on a job resume or college application, and the fact that such skills and moral foundations are learned/mastered before "society" recognizes him as an "adult"... simply amazing!

Completed Projects:

  • Restoration of Cumberland Baptist Church cemetery.
  • Building a Nature Trail for an outdoor laboratory at the new Doe Creek Middle School
  • Installing drainage tiles at Ertlwine farms.
  • Designing a new trail and installing walking bridges for the Josh Schramm Woods Land Trust.
  • Creating shelving units and remodeling office space at Hancock County Food Bank.
  • Designing a Frisbee golf course at Sugar Creek Township Park.
  • Building a kickball/baseball diamond at Sugar Creek Township Park.
  • Installation of fitness trail at Sugar Creek Township Park.
  • Exterior painting and new front walkway for rectory at Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Landscaping and lawn repair for the rectory at Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Renovation and expansion of the church library at New Palestine Bible Church