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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cub Scouting offer my son?

Cub Scouting offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Service projects, ceremonies, games, and other activities guide boys through the core scouting values and give them a sense of personal achievement. Through positive peer group interaction and parental guidance, boys also learn honesty, bravery, and respect.

 What are the requirements to join Cub Scouts?

Tiger Cubs (entering first grade or age 7),
Cub Scouts (entering second or third grade, or age 8 or 9),
Webelos Scouts (entering fourth or fifth grade, or age 10).

How is Cub Scouts Organized?

Every Cub Scout is a member of a Cub Scout Pack.
Cub Scout Pack 530 is sponsored by the St Mary’s Home & School Association. 

The Pack is divided into smaller groups called dens. Each den has about six to ten boys, all in the same grade.

Every Pack is part of a District.  Every district is part of a council. 
Our Pack is part of the Root River District of the Three Harbors Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

What is the time commitment?

There are typically one or two Den meetings and one Pack meeting per month (these meetings last about an hour). 

In addition to the Den and Pack meetings: 
Tiger cubs go on field trips (called 'Go See Its').   These outings may include tours of a Police station, a Fire Station, the airport, a farm, etc...

Wolf, Bear, and Webelos scouts work on various activities and projects with the help of their families over the course of the year outside the formal den and pack meetings. 

Boys who also participate in organized sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc, or academic-based extracurricular activities like music, art, science etc., can be recognized for these activities though Cub Scout belt loops and pins which are worn on their uniform.  

What are the costs associated with joining Cub Scouts?  
         Den Dues:  Range from $15 - $50 per year.  Den dues pay for the supplies used in den meetings. Your Den Leader will provide you with more information.

Pack Dues:  Range from $60 - $70 per year. Pack dues help pay for all the awards that the boys earn as a Cub Scout, the yearly re-chartering fee for the Three Harbors Council, and scout entrance fees to various events, etc.  Scouts will not pay for most pack events throughout the year.  However, there may be fees for siblings and parents at some of these events. 

NOTE:  We will waive the Pack Dues for returning scouts if they raise enough money though fund raising activities 


What about Uniforms and Handbooks?  

Uniforms are required for Den and Pack meetings and many of the events you will participate in with Scouting.  

Uniforms may be worn to school on Den or Pack meeting days.

Cub Scouts wear the official Class A Cub Scout shirt (long or short sleeve), Cub Scout belt, Rank neckerchief and slide, World Crest emblem, Three Harbors Council emblem, Pack numerals 530, Den numeral(s) as assigned after registration, and their school uniform or non-jean blue pants or shorts. A cap is optional. This is the called the “Class A” uniform.

“Class B” uniforms consist of a Scout T-shirt and jeans or shorts.  All new scouts will be given a Cub Scout T-shirt at registration.


Each Scout should purchase the Cub Scout Handbook for his rank.  You can purchase the handbook and uniforms from any of the stores below:


Uniforms & Handbooks are available for purchase at:

          Milwaukee Scout Shop         330 S. 84 St        453-9777

          Sherper’s                            5750 S. 108 St    425-6888

    Dunham’s Sporting Goods    2550 S. 108 St    543-7650