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Color Guard Commander

Color guard Commander is a job performed by a Webelo.  If your son is interested and has a loud voice, please have him memorized the following:

Color Guard Commander Script – Opening Ceremony

Colorguard, Attention!
Will the audience please rise?
Hand salute!
  (Scout salute if in uniform; hand on heart if not in uniform)
Colorguard, advance!
 (wait for Colorguard to reach the front and face the audience)
Everyone, please join me in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
 (repeat Pledge of Allegiance together)
TWO!  (this is the signal that everyone may put their hands down)

Colorguard, post the colors!
Colorguard, dismissed.
The audience may be seated.

Color Guard Commander Script – Closing Ceremony

Colorguard advance.
Colorguard, retire the colors.
Audience salute.
  (wait until flags leave the arena)