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Girl Scout basics

-- Girl Scout motto:  "Be Prepared"

-- Girl Scout slogan:  "Do a Good Turn Daily"

-- Girl Scout sign:  The Girl Scout sign is made by holding up the middle 3 fingers (the index, middle, and ring fingers) and then folding in the pinky and the thumb so that they touch (thumb over the pinky if they go that far).  Girl Scouts make the sign when saying the Girl Scout Promise or Law or giving a Girl Scout handshake.

-- Quiet sign:  The quiet sign is made by raising the right hand straight up with the hand open.  This sign is used to get everyone's attention.  Upon seeing the sign, a Girl Scout should immediately stop what she'd doing (including talking!) and make the quiet sign.  The quiet sign is typically held until everyone is making the sign and giving their attention to the leader.

-- Girl Scout handshake:  The Girl Scout handshake consists of making the Girl Scout sign with the right hand and shaking with the left.

-- Friendship Circle:  To make a friendship circle, Girl Scouts form a circle then cross their arms--right over left--and take the hand of the persons on either side.  Girl Scouts typically use the friendship circle to reflect on something (e.g., the best part of an event).  One girl leads by providing her answer, putting her right foot in towards the center of the circle, and then squeezing the hand of one of the persons on either side.  It is now the turn of the Girl Scout who got her hand squeezed.  After each Girl Scout has an opportunity to speak (i.e., all right feet are in towards the center and the hand squeezes made it back around to the starting point), Girl Scouts raise their arms and turn outward.  Girls drop hands and are, usually, dismissed.  Friendship circles are typically used to close activities.

-- SWAPS:  Special Whatamacallits Affectionally Pinned Somewhere (SWAPS) are keepsakes the girls exchange at Girl Scout events.  They typically will tell something about the giver.  For example, at Thinking Day, girls usually make a SWAP representing their country and attach a tag with their troop number.  The tradition of exchanging souvenir pins started at the Girl Scout Senior Roundups (see "Sign on I-25").

-- BIFFY:  Bathroom In the Forest For You (BIFFY) is the affectionate term Girl Scouts use for an outdoor toilet!