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Pathways & Program Levels

When people think of joining Girl Scouts, they think of Girl Scout troops.  Well, that's only ONE option!  There are SIX official pathways.  Any Girl Scout can participate in any number of pathways.

1.  Events:  All Girl Scouts can participate in any Girl Scout event offered by a Council, a Service Unit, etc.  To find out what events are going on in your region in the state of Colorado, go to the "Activity Finder" Tool on the Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) website:  Also note that Girl Scouts are registered at the national level; this means that girls can participate in events in any state.  Girl going to visit grandma for the summer?  This is a great way to let her have a break from the old folks and hang out with girls her own age doing fun Girl Scout activities!

2.  Camp:  All Girl Scouts can attend any Girl Scout camp.  This includes overnight resident camps of varying durations and day camps.  Though the majority of camps occur during the summer months, there are camp opportunities throughout the year on weekends and school holidays.  Colorado has several camp locations to choose from.  In addition, day camps are offered at numerous local sites.  Go to to find camping opportunities.

3.  Series:  These are special interest topics that could be on virtually any topic!  Meeting times & frequency vary; for example, the series may meet once a week, once a month, or periodically throughout the year.  To find out what is currently being offered in Colorado, go to

4.  Travel:  There are many travel opportunities for Girl Scouts.  Girl Scout Destinations fall into five categories:  international, outdoors, science, people, and getaways .  The GSCO website has some information (, but it also points you to the main Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) site for Destinations  Check out this site to see where you want to go!

5.  Virtual:  This pathway is currently under development, but will allow girls (4th grade and up) to participate via the internet.  As with any of the pathways, girls joining a virtual pathway can earn badges, sell cookies, attend events, go to camp, or do anything else any other Girl Scout can do.

6.  Troops:  This is the most common option for younger girls.  Troops are formed locally, usually by program level.  Program levels are as follows:

    -- Daisy Girl Scouts:  Kindergarten & 1st grade
    -- Brownie Girl Scouts:  2nd & 3rd grade
    -- Junior Girl Scouts:  4th & 5th grade
    -- Cadette Girl Scouts:  6th, 7th, & 8th grade
    -- Senior Girl Scouts:  9th & 10th grade
    -- Ambassador Girl Scouts:  11th & 12th grade

Daisy Girl Scouts

-- Daisy Girl Scouts are Girl Scouts in Kindergarten or 1st grade.
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Brownie Girl Scouts

-- Brownie Girl Scouts are Girl Scouts in the 2nd or 3rd grade.
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Junior Girl Scouts

-- Junior Girl Scouts are Girl Scouts in 4th or 5th grade.
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Older Girl Scouts

Cadettes:  6th - 8th grade
Seniors:  9th - 10th grade
Ambassadors:  11th - 12th grade
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