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Girl Scout Roundup 1959

Ever wonder about the sign on I-25 northbound between Briargate Parkway and Interquest?  Well, wonder no more!  Here's the story:

Between 1956 and 1965, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) held international Girl Scout Senior Roundups every 3 years.  Colorado Springs hosted the 2nd Roundup, held 3 - 12 July 1959, which was attended by about 10,000 people (approximately 8,000 girls and 2,000 adults) from 28 countries.  This Roundup had two themes:  "New Frontiers" and "A Mile High, A World Wide".  The 1968 and future international Roundups were cancelled in favor of more regional gatherings. 

Senior Roundups were the highlight of a girl's Girl Scouting years.  Remember that during this timeframe, Seniors were the highest level of Girl Scouts (there were only 3 levels in 1959:  Brownies, Intermediates, and Seniors.  Intermediates were split into Juniors and Cadettes in 1963.  Though Brownie membership was extended to 6 year olds in 1973, Daisy's didn't exist until 1984)

For more information, check out this video on YouTube: