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Boy Scout Troop 493
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
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Troop 493

Troop Webmaster

Job Description

1. Update the website on a minimum of a monthly basis to contain dates and

type of the next meeting, troop announcements of importance, individual patrol announcements of importance (i.e. a patrol event separate from a troop event). The website should also announce upcoming campouts, court of honors, and patrol leaders’ conferences.

2. If any incorrect information, broken links, and/or typos are discovered on the website, the webmaster must correct them as soon as possible.

3. The webmaster will be responsible for the contents of the website, following the BSA guidelines.

4. The webmaster will be responsible for actively obtaining current troop rosters and calendars from the troop committee when they are updated.

5. The webmaster must know how to login and use the site server.

6. The webmaster must attend all troop meetings or if he is unable to attend he must obtain all information required of the website from the troop scribe.

7. The webmaster must create at least one web page of his own design in order to add new pictures. The webmaster should create a link to his new pictures page from the main pictures page and a link on his pictures page to the main pictures page. In addition to the addition of pictures the webmaster should include a brief article allowing viewers to know the events in the pictures. Doing this will allow the webmaster to complete communication merit badge requirement 7b, upon a communication merit badge advisors approval.

8. The webmaster will be responsible for choosing and training a replacement when his term is completed. The webmaster must ensure that the replacement can complete the requirements and be able to train the next webmaster.

9. The webmaster must be responsible for maintaining and handing over when his term is finished all files and other resources associated with the webmaster position.

Uphold the standards of an officer/leadership position in BSA & Troop 493.

11. Wear the complete uniform at all Troop functions.