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Cub Scout Pack 155
(Seaford, Virginia)
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The Pack is Run on Volunteers just like yourself


Whether for an event or a Leadership position, please consider volunteering.

Any person 18 years of age or older can volunteer upon completion of a BSA volunteer application and consenting background check by the BSA. 


Because of my son I found a job to do.
I became a Scouter, tried and true.

I understand boys better because of my son.
It happened through Scouting Gee, what fun.

Because of my son I can be worthwhile.
Oh what a reward, to see a boys smile!

'Tis endless, the pleasures gained from Scouting.
Because of my son I attend each meeting and outing!

Because of my son I’ve gained friends beyond measure.
Tis indeed blessed to hold, such a wonderful treasure!

Hours that were idle are now filled to the brim,
Because of my son I enjoy life with him!

Because of my son I’ve a new way of life.
I recommend Scouting for each husband and wife!

Don’t spend your spare time, doing nothing at all.
Because of my son heed the Scouting call!

- Author unknown

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THANK YOU for your interest in becoming an adult volunteer to share your skills and values to enrich young people. Dedicated volunteers are what keep the Scouting program alive and moving forward.

Every adult volunteer has something valuable to offer.

Adult role models in Scouting provide an ideal learning experience for all youth. Ninety-six percent of the more than 1 million registered adult volunteers in Scouting say they would recommend volunteering for the BSA to other adults.

Your leadership will help grow good leaders.

The more interest you show, the more likely Scouts will stay in Scouting to reap the benefits and knowledge, and to grow into the young adult that will make you proud. Volunteering is also a good way to bond with your own child or children, and set them on a path toward good citizenship by introducing them to Scouting.

Please register to be an adult volunteer for your local troop, pack or council

The benefits are many:

• You’re investing in youth and in the future of America.

• Once you register, you’ll receive liability insurance to protect you in the rare occurrence of any unforeseen legal issues as a result of your involvement as an adult volunteer.

• Registering as an adult volunteer is a sign of your commitment—to assist in building young lives, and to leading through example.

• All registered adult volunteers authorize a criminal background check on themselves to ensure the safety of everyone in Scouting—children, teens and adults.

• You’ll also receive a periodic newsletter, ongoing support materials and opportunities for additional training from the Boy Scouts of America.

We’re confident you’ll find the experience to be rewarding and fulfilling, and your efforts will help build a better future for everyone.


The Boy Scouts of America