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Past News (that's still relevant)
  • Troop 229 is accepting new members.  If you wish us to be at your Blue and Gold Crossover, please use the "Contact our Troop"
  • Welcome to our new Scouts......Attention new Scout Parents- To get access to the full web site please fill out and print the form at this link.  Be sure to add the Email account (as this will be your user name) and if your scout has his own e-mail, add that also.  Scouts get their own access to the site with different privileges.  Turn the form into Candy or Greg Kniaz (Webmaster) or use the "Contact our Troop" above
  • Youth Protection Training Now Mandatory 

The National BSA office has announced that effective June 1, Youth Protection Training is now required of ALL registered leaders, and is a requirement before an adult can submit an application to be a volunteer BSA leader. You can read more about this change, and what is specifically involved, at the BSA website. Registered leaders who have not taken Youth Protection Training within the last two years must do so immediately.  New leaders must now submit a proof of completion of YPT with his or her adult application, or the application will not be accepted by Council.  Youth Protection training is taken online. Training

  • This gives you a different perspective on him.  Love him or hate him-The Gates Foundation is an amazing philanthropic organization.  I never knew he was involved in Scouting.  Check out the video Bill Gates receives the Silver Beaver award