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January 2015

This year’s Pre-Klondike was a blast! We went to Cisco Grove where there was actually snow. We learned how to play, E-prep game, gold panning, Klondike trivia, sled race, and more. If you younger scouts didn’t go on this trip, you missed out. This outing had so much fun packed into it. From playing games to sledding down a big hill. Plus you will have just as much fun at Klondike. But you can’t go to Klondike without going to Pre-Klondike.

Troop Historian,
Daniel Walker   

December 2014

Since I was not able to go on this months outing I am quoting our Scout master below. 

Troop Historian,
Daniel Walker

Another successful outing to Beautiful Yosemite National Park. First off we virtually had the whole park to ourselves and camped in a pretty empty Upper Pines Campground. Just doesn't get any better than that.

After a way too long drive we arrived at Yosemite around 10:30 and set up tents in a tree induced rain. It wasn't hard telling the boys to go to bed because they were beat. Saturday morning we got up and hiked to Vernal Falls along the famous Mist Trail. The trail had a lot of ice on it and half way up to the top of the falls I decided we had gone far enough and just enjoyed the view and took pictures.

After Vernal Falls we had lunch and took off for Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, Bridalvall Falls, and finally Tunnel View. It was an action packed day that saw us hiking just over 8 miles and seeing a lot of sights.

Sunday was get up, get packed, and hike on over to Mirror Lake. A few dozen snowball fights later we were at the lake and looking up at Half Dome. Truly an amazing view. After the hike we went back to camp and put on our Class A's for the ride home. But not before visiting the gift shop and hitting Tunnel View again for a last photo shot and Scout's Own.

The ride home was much quicker, almost two hours quicker, but we still missed our estimated time. Oh well, when in Yosemite your never in a hurry to go home!

The boys were real troopers dealing with the wet and cold. Plus we had scouts who were on their very first outing. What a first memory

Mr. Moulis"

August 2014

Another Troop 144 outing under our belt. The weather was perfect, maybe a fuzz hot. The lake was perfect for swimming and very refreshing. We went to Spicer Meadows and went in conoes to the camp site. As with all California lakes Spicer Meadows is very low, so low that some of the islands that normally frequent the lake are now part of the shoreline. There were still some islands and we had fun on them. We arrived at 8:30ish on Friday and had sailed away onto the lake soon afterwords. Paddling at night is interesting when your experienced but doing it with a bunch of younger scouts made it a bit more interesting. What made this paddle really great was the darkness and the stars. It was like being back at Great Basin National Park again. I paddled ahead with my map and prior knowledge of the lake, the other leaders stayed behind and followed my head lamp making sure the boys stayed together, within an hour we were making camp.Saturday we explored the lake by paddling east. On the way we landed at an island with a great jumping rock. After a “Safe Swim” check we allowed the older boys to take a few jumps. The younger boys were allowed to jump off a lower one before heading on. The wind starting picking up from our rear so we decided to head back, and Mr. Aten was hungry.As the boys began to explore the camp they found a pile of boulders that had enough room for some of them to sleep in a make-shift cave, which they did. Those that didn’t fit in the cave decided to sleep under the stars, but some decided to get up in the middle of the night to go back to their tents.Sunday morning we packed up and were off. The wind picked up again but the boys bared down and made the trip quickly. In all we paddled just under 9 miles total.

Troop Historian,
Daniel Walker    

July 2014

For the July outing we went to summer camp. This year we went to camp Oljato. It was weird because you had to sign up for merit badges online. When we got there on Sunday we set up camp and hung around waiting for dinner. When Monday came around a lot of changes were made in the schedule because of weather and time. Then the merit badge classes started and we all  ,  a lot some of us wrote essays. Plus bear came into our camp and shall I say “took a dump “near Josh’s tent. When Wednesday came around we cooked at our camp sites. The counselors gave us the food to cook. We had breakfast burritos for breakfast sandwiches for lunch and hamburgers for dinner. Then the same bear came back into our campsite and took Ross’s bag of candy from his tent. When Friday came along we were all so exhausted and wanted to go home. Overall the camp was ok. The counselors were super cool.  They really liked our troop.

Troop Historian,
Daniel Walker    

June 2014

For the June outing we went to Utah for 10 days. For the first 4 days we were there we hiked around Aches national park and looked at delicate arch, Sand Dune arch, Double O arch, Broken arch, and a few other arches. The next 3 days we went white water rafting down the Colorado River. We went down class 1-3 rapids. We went with a company in Moab. They were really cool. We had four guides, Carmen, Ryan, Clint, and Jayce. We also were able to get 3 merit badges, Rowing, Rafting, and Kayaking. The last few days we were camping in Great Basin. But first we stopped at a store to get some food. We got like 6 packs of bacon. At Great Basin we didn’t do much. But at night some of us drove up to the top of the mountain to look at the stars. After Great basin we went home. We sat in the cars for 14 hours.

Troop Historian,
Daniel Walker

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