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Merit Badge Procedure

The process for earning Merit Badges is described on the "Introduction to Merit Badges" website -- -- as well as in the book Boy Scout Requirements 2009 (updated annually) and in the Merit Badge pamphlet for each topic.

Merit Badge pamphlets may be purchased at any of the Scout Shops, and some pamphlets may be borrowed from the Troop 462 library.  Merit Badge pamphlets may also be available from a public library, but make sure they're for current requirements.

In Troop 462, boys may request Merit Badge Applications from the Advancement Chair.  This person will provide the name, phone number, and address for a Merit Badge Counselor.  A Scout must obtain an approved Merit Badge Application before calling a Merit Badge Counselor, and before beginning work on a Merit Badge.

Scouts should return signed Merit Badge Applications to the Advancement Chair after they've completed their projects and met with their Counselors.  This person will obtain Merit Badges for presentation at Troop Meetings and Courts of Honor.

Merit Badges are worn on a green Merit Badge sash which should be purchased from the Scout Shop.  A Merit Badge sash is worn over the right shoulder of the Boy Scout uniform, and draped diagonally; it is never worn draped from the belt.  The Merit Badge sash is worn only on formal occasions (i.e., Board of Review, Court of Honor, Scout Sunday).

Merit Badge Resources

Merit Badge Workshops
North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting in North St. Paul, MN

Merit Badge Saturdays

Swimming, Lifesaving, and First Aid Merit Badges
Shoreview Community Center

Climbing Merit Badge
Vertical Endeavors

Horsemanship Merit Badge
Bunker Park Stable in Andover, MN

Scoutmaster Bucky Online Merit Badges

Fishing, Rifle Shooting, and Fish and Wildlife Managemenr Merit Badges
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's