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Boy Scout Troop 462
(Little Canada, Minnesota)
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Eagle Scouts of Troop 462

  • Riley Gallivan - 2022. Project: Care packages for Minnesota soldiers stationed in the Horn of Africa
  • Rahul Faizer - 2022. Project: Built 5 duck houses at Casey Lake Park
  • Rohan Faizer - 2022. Project: Landscaping at Children's Discovery Academy
  • Eddie Trombley - 2021. Project: Care packages for veterans
  • Adam Collins - 2020. Project: Made tie blankets for Children's Minnesota Cardiac Unit
  • Ben Belin - 2019. Project: Installed a new rain garden on Sextant Ave
  • Hunter Huot - 2018. Project: Built enclosures for 4 portable restrooms (porta-potties) at Spooner Park and Pioneer Park
  • Mason Seibert - 2017. Project: Built six benches for a dog park
  • Cory Huot - 2017. Project: Built pergola at the Little Canada Veterans Memorial
  • Chris Nelson - 2016. Project: Collected toiletries and personal products for Simpson Housing Services
  • Zack Olson - 2016. Project: Built benches for the American Humane Society
  • Wade Olson - 2015. Project: Built tow horse wash stalls for the Chisago County Fairgrounds
  • Nick Nelson - 2015. Project: Built patio and table at the Little Canada Veterans Memorial
  • Andrew Miller - 2014. Project: Built Trellis' at the Sharon Richardson Hospice Center in Wisconsin
  • Ryan Miller - 2014. Project: Built Wheel Chair Accessible Garden Boxes for a retirement home
  • Cody Gross - 2014. Project: Made a Pumpkin Patch for Gibbs Farm
  • Lucas Ellering - 2014. Project: Building Shelves in Parish Office at St. John's Church of Little Canada
  • Andrew Frechette - 2014. Project: Made a wheel chair accessible path surrounding the Bocce Ball court at Merrick
  • Robert Wiatros - 2013. Project: Built Bocce Ball Court at Merrick
  • Avery Frechette - 2013. Project: Clean-Up 13 miles of the St Croix River
  • Ryan Schrom - 2013. Project: Built retaining wall at Merrick
  • Steven Zettel - 2011. Project: Refurbished playground at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School.
  • Javier Romay - 2010. Project: Collected School Supplies for children in Eucador with the Lions Club, benefiting over 400 children.
  • Stefan Bruvelis -2009. Project:  Made 84 tied polar-fleece blankets for the homeless shelter Caring and Sharing Hands.
  • Michael Pelletier - 2008. Project:  Rebuilt a 110 foot retaining wall at St. John's Cemetery. 
  • Dan Caron - 2008. Project:  Built multiple retaining walls around two staircases at the church camp, Camp Wapogasset.
  • Kevin Huot - 2008. Project:   Rebuilt two retaining walls and sidewalk for the side entrance at the Mary House at St. John's. 
  • Anthony Goodman - 2008. Project:  Landscaping rocks under St. John's Cemetary fence.
  • Corey Dowdle - 2007. Project:  Refurbishing (painting) St. John's Cemetary fence. 
  • Drew Hedlund - 2006. Project: Downspout management, Lake Gervais.
  • Brian Huot - 2005.  Project: Collected children's and young adults' books for donation to a shelter.
  • Tim Picha - 2005.  Project: Painted all of the fire hydrants in the  southern half of Vadnais Heights.
  • Alec Hedlund - 2004.  Project: Watershed District Management in the Lake Gervais area.
  • Eric Wall - 2003.  Project: Collected video tape movies and video games for a children's hospital.
  • Sam Henley - 2003.  Project: Planted trees along I-694 near the Hwy. 36 interchange.
  • Ben Tuerk - 2002.  Project: Constructed information stations/sign boards for a nature preserve.
  • Mario Salute - 2001.  Project: Checked and replaced smoke detectors in Little Canada homes.
  • Joel Sinna - 2001.  Project: Installed new envelope holders in the pews at St. John the Evangelist Church.
  • Brad Richter - 1999  Project: Restored a heavy old bell and mounted it on a portable support platform for use by St. John the Evangelist Church.
  • Ross Wehrle -1999.
  • Tim Anderson - 1999.
  • Mike Towle -1999.  Project: Replaced all the wood chips and mulch around the trees surrounding the John Rose Skating Oval in Roseville.
  • Gary Tuerk -1999.  Project: Built and placed birdhouses in the nature preserve in Vadnais Heights, MN.
  • David French -1999.  Project: Labeled all the hoses at the Little Canada Fire Department, so they could easily be identified when multiple departments are called to respond to a fire.
  • Ben L'Allier - 1997.  Project: Replaced the cracked and sunken sidewalks at St. John the Evangelist School.
  • Adam Wilson - 1997.  Project:  Repainted a house for an elderly woman.
  • Trevor Shearen -1997.  Project: Raised and reset the sunken headstones in St. John's Cemetary.
  • John Hanna -1996.  Project: Coordinated a food drive between several parishes for food shelves.
  • Doug McMahon - 1996.  Project:  Youth sports rally for troubled city youth.
  • Michael P. Sinna -1995.  Project: Removed and installed ceiling tiles in hallways of St. John the Evangelist Grade School.
  • Adam Huot - 1995.  Project: Arranged entertainment and ice cream social for the elderly at Little Sisters of the Poor.
  • Rick Petersen - 1994.  Project: Delivered and decorated Christmas trees for several disadvantaged families.
  • Rob Pertersen - 1994.  Project: Built shelves for the Hmong community. Obtained and erected Christmas trees for disadvantaged families.
  • Den McMahon - 1994.  Project: Weekend camping trip for inner city disadvantaged youth.
  • Steve Dojnik - 1993.  Project:  Removed, repainted St. John's Cemetary fence.
  • Gabriel A. Sinna - 1993.  Project:  Removed and installed lockers in St. John the Evangelist School.
  • David Lier -1993.  Project:  Refurbished and built a second lighted star for St. John the Evangelist Church's bell tower.
  • Greg Huot - 1993.  Project: Installed brick marquee for St. John the Evangelist Church.
  • Bill Thomalla - 1991.  Project: Refurbished hymnal holders in St. John the Evangelist Church.
  • Scott Freeman - May 3, 1973.
  • Ross Freeman - February 1, 1972.
  • Craig Freeman - January 16, 1970.
  • Roland J. Wells - November 15, 1968.