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Boy Scout Troop 333
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Rank Info

While many Scouts and parents think "Eagle Scout" is the goal of all Scouts, truly it is First Class.  Boy Scout's founder, Lord Baden-Powell, stated that all Scouts should attain First Class rank.  Those Scouts that have completed Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Scout know the basics of all Scout skills -- outdoorsmanship, leadership, and community involvement.

More info to come...

Below are some files that can help your Scout become a First Class Scout.  First and foremost she should use her handbook, but the below information will help.
Icon File Name Comment  
Summary of Scout Rank Requirements.docx  
Troop 333 Firem'n Chit.docx  
Troop 333 Totin Chip.docx