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Cub Scout Pack 1551
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Tiger Cubs

A child who is 7 years old or is in first grade is a Tiger, and his adventures are found in the Tiger Handbook.  Tiger Scouts will first earn their Bobcat rank while in the Tiger Den. 

Tiger Scouts is an exciting scouting program for first grade youth (or 7 years old) ready to get going! Tigers do stuff - lots of stuff - and all with their adult partners.

Tiger Advancement
Tiger Scouts spend their time doing adventures that move them ahead towards their Tiger rank. By completing seven adventures, the Tiger rank is earned. The Tiger's adult partner participates the entire way, but the recognition items are only for the scouts.

Tiger Rank Requirements:

  1. Complete each of the six Tiger required adventures with your den or family:
    1. My Tiger Jungle
    2. Games Tigers Play
    3. Tiger Circles: Duty to God
    4. Team Tiger
    5. Tiger Bites
    6. Tigers in the Wild