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Girl Scout Service Unit 473
(Wayland, Massachusetts)
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  • Annual Girl Permission Form - This form is to be completed at the beginning of each membership year and kept with your troop records.
  • GSEM's Electronic Volunteer Agreement Form - After registering as an adult member and prior to meeting with girls and handling funds, you need to accept and submit this agreement indicating you will abide by the terms set forth by GSEM.
  • Electronic Activity Form - You will need to submit an activity form to GSEM for any high-risk activity your troop plans.
  • Activity Girl Permission Form - Each girl, in your troop, must have written permission from their primary caregiver for every activity that is held at a different place from the regular meeting. Use this form as your troop permission slip.
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts - CORI form - Each volunteer in your troop must complete a CORI. Then you will contact a CORI authorized member of our Service Unit, and they will submit the form to Girl Scouts. It's best to invite an authorized CORI administrator to your initial parent meeting. 
  • Wayland Meeting Space Form - Each