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Girl Scout Service Unit 473
(Wayland, Massachusetts)
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Community Service Ideas

“Time to Show Skills” Retirement and Assisted Living homes
“Feel Good Bandits” Bake Goods/Gift Bags
“Homeless Heroes” Collecting Items for the Homeless
“Hungry No More” Collect food for families in our community
“School Rocks” Book bag and school supply collection
Diaper drive
Project Night Night blanket, book, and toy collection for kids at a shelter
UNICEF Halloween collection

There are so many opportunities in our own community to do community service that truly make a difference. Please share your ideas and links with Karen Montague, so I can pass them along to the other leaders.

Being Involved in the Community Benefits

  • Showing the Girls they can truly have a positive impact on others’ lives
  • The wonderful fulfilling feeling you get when serving others
  • Creating the feeling of accomplishment
  • How great knowing you did something that made a difference
  • Learning opportunities from helping others
  • Building new skills such as but not limited to: planning, speaking out, organizing, following through, and so much more
  • Gives the girls a new perspective on their own community
  • Learning Humility
  • Being an Inspiration to others
  • Let’s you experience something larger than their self
  • Learning that touches others life will in return touch your life so much more
Service Event Requests

Every troop should wear a Girl Scouts or Wayland item while doing community service and take pictures of doing the community service and to fill out Community Service form or include a write up about the community service for inclusion in Troop News.