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Youth Application

All youth wanting to join Packs 318 & 93 must have their parents fill out the official Boy Scouts of America Youth Application.

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In the cub scouts, parental involvement is MANDATORY.  The BSA requires that each boy be accompainied at each meeting or outing by a member of his family.  For many people the level at which their son participates in scouts is determinate upon the parents direct involvement. For many of us this takes the form of an ADULT LEADER.  There are many levels of adult leadership. 

Leadership Roles

Some of the roles you might fill to support a Cub Scout pack are these:

  • Cubmaster. The Cubmaster's most visible duty is to emcee the monthly pack meeting. Behind the scenes, the Cubmaster works with the pack committee to plan and carry out the pack program and helps coordinate the efforts of the den leaders. A Cubmaster may be assisted by one or more assistant Cubmasters.
  • Den Leader. The den leader conducts weekly meetings for a smaller group of boys and helps coordinate the den's contribution to the monthly pack meeting. A den leader is typically assisted by at least one assistant den leader.
  • Pack Committee. The pack committee works with the Cubmaster to plan and carry out the pack program. The committee also coordinates major events and secures support for the pack. The committee consists of a chairperson and other members who may have particular functions, such as finance, marketing, advancement, or outdoor program.
  • Function Committees. Some pack events have special-purpose committees. Holding a Scouting for Food drive, pinewood derby, blue and gold banquet, pack graduation, or field day requires more planning and coordination than a typical pack meeting.
  • Parent Helpers. Some events need extra adults to help the pack leaders. A parent can pitch in by driving a vehicle for a field trip, helping prepare lunch at a day camp, supervising an event at a field day, or supporting unit leaders on an as-needed basis.