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Cub Scout Pack 4
(Munhall, Pennsylvania)
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Why do you want your son to be a Cub Scout?

Scouting brings with it an opportunity to experience new things, become actively engaged in service within our community. Scouting builds self-confidence, and allows them to meet new lifelong friends. Ultimately it provides a sound structure of ethical standards by which to live.  

A 2005 Harris Interactive study found:
  • 83% of men who had been Scouts in their youth feel that the values taught them in Scouts are still important to them today
  • 87% of men who had been in Scouts five years or more attribute a portion of their self-confidence to the lessons learned in Scouting
  • 50% say that Scouting has had a positive influence on their career development
  • 83% say that there have been real-life situations where the lessons gained in Scouting helped them be better leaders

That doesn't even scratch the surface, when you realize that the standards taught through the Scout Law as Scouts stay with them through a life-time, influencing their decisions as they grow and develop into the men that they will someday become.

For every 100 Boys & Girls  that enter scouting ........

100 will learn something new that they will remember for life. 

79 will teach something to someone that they learned in scouting. 

53 will make a friend that they will have for a life time. 

41 will list being a scout on a job or collage application. 

22 will be offered or promoted for a job because they were a scout.  

18 will develop a hobby that will last through there adult life. 

17 will become a future Scout Volunteer.  

12 will have there first encounter with a church. 

8 will end up in a vocation that was learned through a merit badge system. 

1 will save his own life using skills he learned as a scout. 

1 will save someone else's life with skills he learned through scouting.