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Cub Scout Pack 165
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Lion Den


Den Leader
Position Available for both Girl's and Boy's Dens!

This is an introductory program for Scouts in Kindergarten. 

The Lion program weaves traditional Scouting concepts of character development, leadership skills, personal fitness and citizenship into activities that are age-appropriate and fun for the scouts and their parents.

Lions will be organized in dens of six to eight kindergarten-age scouts. The dens will be mentored by Lion Guides (experienced Cub Scout adult leaders). Similar to the Tiger rank, each scout will be required to have an adult partner. With the guidance of the Lion Guide, each adult partner will take turns leading den meetings or activities. It is a shared leadership concept.

To earn the Lion badge, a scout must complete five required adventures. When an adventure is completed, the Lion will receive a sticker that matches the adventure. These stickers are designed to be placed on the “My Lion Trail” page in the adventure book. 

The activities introduce the family to Cub Scouting, and provide an exciting way for the kids to explore the world around them. The program will fuel their imagination, creativity and fun as they experience the growth Scouting can provide. At the end of the Lion year, they “graduate” to Tiger and advance through Cub Scouting.

Lions are a part of the Cub Scout Pack. It is important to note, however, that Lions will only be a part of the pack at an introductory level. The Lion program is designed to introduce five-year-old kindergarten-age children to the fun and excitement of Scouting, but in ways that maintain appropriate expectations. Because of their age, development level, physical abilities, and stamina, it would be unrealistic to expect Lions to participate fully in Pack activities. For example, Lion dens should not participate in pack fundraising or activities such as shooting sports. Those experiences, and others, are more appropriate for older boys as they move through Tiger, Wolf, Bear and beyond.