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Cub Scout Pack 165
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


How old (or young) can a child be to join Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in Kindergarten through fifth grades. Children who are older than 10, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Boy Scouting or Venturing program.

How often do Cub Scouts meet?

Cub Scouts meet in their dens typically once each week, and a pack meeting is held for all Cub Scouts and their families once a month. Beyond that, it depends on the den and pack: a den may hold a special activity, such as a service project or visit to a local museum in place of one of the weekly meetings or in addition to the weekly meetings. Likewise, a pack may conduct a special event such as a blue and gold banquet as an additional event, rather than a substitute for its monthly pack meeting.

May siblings attend den meetings?

Cub Scout den meetings are intended to be an activity for the individual Scouts. They are not usually family activity, and the presence of siblings can be a distraction. However, parental involvement is encouraged and all meetings are open to your participation and involvement. Tiger scouts are required to have one adult present for all den meetings, and all other dens, our leaders encourage parents to be involved and present.  If you need to bring children who are not scouts (or scouts who are not members of the den) to a den meeting please be courteous and ask the den leader in advance. It is up to the leader’s discretion to allow for their attendance, so please be mindful of this courtesy. It is the scout’s time to learn & shine without unnecessary distractions.