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Joining Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA is a great program for all youth. A good troop will push your offspring to expand skills. While it's not all about camping, camping is one of the primary methods we use to build skills and self-reliance in our youth. However, meetings are another method of growing youth. Sometimes meetings are controlled chaos, sometimes they are very structured. It often depends on the amount of experience the Scout in charge has had in leading. . . and our goal is to get Scouts to lead each other. . . and to do it well. They don't always start out doing that!

Troop 247 may be just right for you. We are a small troop with a lot of longevity in the area. We are 10 boys strong and we camp 5-6 times per year, complete 2-3 service projects yearly, and attend summer camp together.

We are located in the Scout Hut, in the front parking of lot of Norcross First United Methodist Church, 2500 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, Georgia 30071. If you are more familiar with area schools we are on Beaver Ruin Road, very near Summerour Middle School, or near the intersection with Buford Highway (Georgia Hwy. 23).

We encourage you to jump right into Scouts. Most parents find a troop that meets at a convenient time and location. We hope Troop 247 is just that for you, but if you visit us and aren't sure, talk to us. We are not the only troop in Norcross. We know of some other troops in the area that would be more than willing to help your child become a Scout. . . and we believe strongly in scouting, no matter where you join it. However, we'd love for you to give us a shot!

Joining requires a fee and an application to get your boy on the roster. Come talk to us about it.