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Cub Scout Pack 191
(Avondale, Pennsylvania)
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Welcome New Parents!

We are very grateful that you are considering our Pack! Here is some useful information on what is covered by your dues and other information on how our pack operates.Funding for our pack comes from dues and several fundraisers.

Dues: $100/year

What dues cover

1) All fees and food for the Fall overnight at Camp horseshoe.
2) The purchase of all awards, pins, and pinewood derby cars.
3) 1 Class B t-shirt for all scouts.
4) The cost to recharter with Chester County Council
5) Modest food and snacks for special events.

What dues do NOT cover:

1) Class A uniform shirt and standard insignia
2) Additional Class B-shirts.
3) Any cost associated with Spring Overnight (typically between $60-$120 per child depending on venue)
4) Cost for day camps and summer resident camps.

Fundraisers cover many additional costs associated with our programming for the year. Our major fundraiser for the year is popcorn sales from September thorough October. We also participate in various other fundraising opportunities throughout the year. These help us afford to have other events for the scouts, such as our yearly June recruiting carnival. We are always trying to make scouting a fun experience for the children, and fundraising helps us accommodate activities above and beyond our normal programming. For example, if the kids want to attend a rock wall climb, we may be able to cover that cost through significant fundraising. 
Welcome new Parents!!