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Junior Badge/Journey Requirements and Activities

Who are Juniors?

Juniors are in the 4th and 5th grade

Juniors take on most responsibilities for their troops and act as leaders and managers. They work with younger girls and in the community.

Junior Meetings and Badges
Juniors make most decisions about their troop and can run their own meetings. They gain tremendous confidence through planning their troop's activities for the year.

They collect dues, keep records, assign and carry out tasks and organize short trips.

They earn badges, which require some skill and proficiency.

Juniors may also work on the Leadership Award, Junior Aide, and the Bronze Award.

As a Junior, you might ... 

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter, making a nicer temporary home for the animals
  • Plan and host a dance in your community
  • Connect with a Girl Scout who lives overseas
  • Work together to organize a Badge workshop for Brownies
  • Manage your group's finances
  • Earn the Bronze Award, the highest achievement for a Junior
  • Sell cookies to pay for a trip
  • Attend resident camp for a week
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Animal Habitats.doc  
Animal Habitats.pdf  
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Junior - Bronze Award.doc  
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Junior - Cookie Insights.doc  
Junior - Drawing.doc  
Junior - First Aid.doc  
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Junior - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Junior - Handbook.doc  
Junior - Inside Government.doc  
Junior - Practice with Purpose.doc  
Junior - Savvy Shopper.doc  
Junior - Simple Meals.doc  
Junior badge and award requirments.xlsx  
part 1 GM Energize.doc  
part 2 GM Investigate.doc  
part 3 GM Innovate.doc  
part 4 Energy Award Tracker.doc  
Playing the Past.doc  
Pollution Traps.doc  
Product Designer.doc  
Social Butterfly.doc  
Staying Fit.doc  
Watersheds and the Urban Rural Interface.doc  

Junior Girl Scouts

Here is a list of insignia that can be earned and/or worn by Girl Scout Juniors:

Showing you Belong:
        * American Flag
* Brownie Wings
* Girl Scout Membership Pin
* Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip
* Girl Scout Council ID Strip
        * Insignia Tab
* Membership Star
* Junior Disc for Membership Star
* Numeral Guard
* Troop Crest
* Troop Numerals
* USA Girl Scouts Overseas Identification Strip Set
* USA Girl Scouts Overseas Pin 
* World Trefoil Pin
Legacy Badges 
* Drawing Badge
* Practice with Purpose Badge
* Inside Government Badge
* Simple Meals Badge
* First Aid Badge
* Girl Scout Way Badge
* Flowers Badge
Financial Literacy Badges
* Business Owner Badge
* Savvy Shopper Badge
Cookie Business Badges
* Cookie CEO Badge
* Customer Insights Badge

Journey Awards
        It's Your World Change It! Agent of Change 
* Power of One Award
* Power of Team Award
* Power of Community Award
 It's Your Planet Love It! Get Moving
            * Energize Award
* Investigate Award
* Innovate Award
It's You Story, Tell It! aMUSE 
* Reach Out! Award
* Speak Out! Award
* Try Out! Award 

Journey Summit Award Pin
Skill Building Badge Set 
Agent of Change 

* Digital Photographer Badge
* Entertainment Technology Badge
* Musician Badge
* Scribe Badge
* Staying Fit Badge
Get Moving
* Camper Badge
* Detective Badge
* Gardener Badge
* Independence Badge
* Jeweler Badge
* Animal Habitats Badge
* Geocacher Badge
* Playing the Past Badge
* Product Designer Badge
* Social Butterfly Badge
Make Your Own Badge 
Mentoring Award

* Junior Aid Award 
Special Opportunity Awards
* Bridge to Junior Girl Scout Award 
* Bridge to Cadette Girl Scout Award 
* Bronze Award 
* Cookie Sale Activity Pin
* Global Action Award Badge
* Safety Award Pin 
* Lady Baden-Powell International Friendship Award
* My Promise, My Faith (year 1) 
* My Promise, My Faith (year 2)
Religious Recognitions
The President's Volunteer Service AwardWorld Thinking Day Award Badge
Meritorious Service Awards 
        * Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award
* Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award
Participation Patches and Pins
        * Forever Green Patch
* Investiture Patch
* Rededication Patch
* International World Friendship Recognition Pin 

Junior Girl Scouts Uniform