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Daisy Petal and Journey Requirements & Activities

Who are Daisies?

Daisies are in Kindergarten and the First Grade which makes them the youngest members of Girl Scouts. They are eager to explore the world around them and have fun along the way. The Daisy program is an introduction to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Through leadership and willingness to volunteer, Daisies will have the opportunity to learn about themselves and put into action ideas to make the world a better place. Daisy Girl Scouts make new friends, are create and imagine, try new things, play games and earn Petals based on the principles of the Girl Scout Law.

 A typical Daisy meeting consists of games, songs, crafts and more, including attending council programs. Daisies can earn petal patches to wear on their uniform tunic/vest. Each petal represents a part of the Girl Scout Law, like respect, honesty, helpfulness and caring.

They earn the center for learning the Girl Scout Promise. Girls learn these concepts cooperatively, so they make new friends and try new things together.

Icon File Name Comment  
1. Lupe - honest and fair.doc  
10. Vi - be a sister to every Girl Scout.doc  
2. Sunny - friendly and helpful.doc  
3. Zinni - considerate and caring.doc  
4. Tula - courageous and strong.doc  
5 4 3 part 1 Welcome.doc  
5 4 3 part 2 A Little Birdie Told Me.doc  
5 4 3 part 3 Bienvendo a Mexico.doc  
5 4 3 part 4 Dancing Through Japan.doc  
5 4 3 part 5 Rumbles and Roars.doc  
5. Mari - responsible for what I say and do.doc  
6. Gloria - respect myself and others.doc  
7. Gerri - respect authority.doc  
8. Clover - use resources wisely.doc  
9. Rosie - make the world a better place.doc  
Between E & S part 1.doc  
Between E & S part 2.doc  
Between E & S part 3.doc  
Between E & S part 4.doc  
Between E & S part 5.doc  
Between E & S part 6.doc  
Daisy - Count it Up.doc  
Daisy - Handbook.doc  
Daisy - Making Choices.doc  
Daisy - Money Counts.doc  
Daisy - Talk it Up.doc  
part 1 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 2 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 3 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 4 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  


It's Your World, Change It!: Welcome to the Flower Garden

In this journey for kindergarteners and first-graders, a favorite pastime—gardening—meets the Girl Scout Law. The result is a storybook world of flowers and little girls who, together, do great things. Girl Scout Daisies will especially enjoy meeting the colorful, global characters who teach them to live the Girl Scout Law. The adult "how-to" guide offers Garden Story Time tips, key ideas for garden projects, and all the Girl Scout history and traditions needed for an adventure starring Amazing Daisy, a new flower friend for Girl Scout Daisies.

Like all Girl Scout journeys, ''Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden'' focuses on the leadership philosophy of girls discovering (themselves and their values), connecting (caring and teaming), and taking action (to improve their communities and the world). For Girl Scout Daisies, the best way to experience this leadership philosophy is by practicing the Girl Scout Law. So the journey's three awards, which tie directly to the garden theme, recognize girls' progress in applying the Law to their lives. Why not start out your year by giving the girls the background "Garden Patch" to display their three Girl Scout Daisy awards?

Daisy Journey Award Patch Set

The Watering Can Award represents girls being "responsible for what I say and do."  Girls earn the award by caring for their mini-garden and beginning to understand how the   Promise and Law play out in their daily lives.

The Golden Honey Bee Award represents taking action through a gardening effort for others to make the world a better place. The award is named for Honey, the bee who is one of the Daisy Flower Garden characters.

The Amazing Daisy Award represents knowing—and living—the Promise and Law, just like Amazing Daisy, the main character of the journey

It's Your Planet, Love It! Between Earth and Sky

Girl Scout Daisies join their flower friends for a cross-country road trip in their special flower-powered car! As they travel the country living the values of the Girl Scout Law, the flowers explore the natural world around them, learning what's local and why that's important.

Along the way, the flower friends (and the girls!) sample the sights, and the wisdom of women working to protect Planet Earth. Daisies earn their Blue Bucket, Firefly, and Clover (uses resources wisely!) awards as they experience what's great about their own region and learn to use their own special skills to help people    and Planet Earth.

This journey presents Daisies the opportunity to earn three awards. Girls consider their feelings and skills and then take into account the feelings and skills of those around them. The girls then move on to engage their larger community and then they move out into their community to "do."

Although there's no set way to present it, you might spark the excitement of this award series by presenting the Between Earth and Sky background patch to all the Daisies at their first session. Or choose a way that works for the group.

The Blue Bucket Award                                     Girls tell one another about their feelings and the feelings of those around them.Girls take part in role-playing activities that encourage them to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and be considerate to others.

The Firefly Award
Think about and talk about their own skills and those of their sister Daisies. Choose a skill that they can teach others, either at home or in their community.Steps to the award are built into the suggested activities in the Sample Sessions.

The Clover Award
Learn about and commit to protecting a natural treasure in their region.
Educate and inspire others in their community to join with them to protect the local treasure, too.

Daisy Uniform and Insignia

Here is a list of insignia that can be earned and/or worn by Girl Scout Daisies:

Showing You Belong
American Flag Patch
        * Girl Scout Daisy Membership Pin
Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip
        * Girl Scout Council ID Strip 
        * Insignia Tab
Membership Stars
Daisy Membership Disc for Stars
Iron-on Troop Numerals
USA Girl Scouts Overseas Identification Strip Set
USA Girl Scouts Overseas Pin
        * World Trefoil Pin

Promise Center and Learning Petals
Girls can place Learning Petals around the Promise Center in any order they choose.
Promise Center and Learning Petals
Amazing Daisy (Daisy Blue), Promise Center
Lupe the Lupine (Light Blue), Honest and Fair
        * Sunny the Sunflower (Yellow), Friendly and Helpful
        * Zinni the Zinnia (Spring Green), Considerate and Caring
Tula the Tulip (Red), Courageous and Strong
        * Mari the Marigold (Orange), Responsible for What I Say and Do
        * Gloria the Morning Glory (Purple), Respect Myself and Others
        * Gerri the Geranium (Magenta), Respect Authority
        * Clover (Green), Use Resources Wisely
        * Rosie the Rose (Rose), Make the World a Better Place
        * Vi the Violet (Violet), Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

Financial Literacy Leaves 
Money Counts
        * Making Choices

Cookie Business Leaves 
Count it Up
        * Talk it Up

Journey Leadership Awards
Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden. It's Your World, Change It! Journey Awards:
Watering Can Award
        * Golden Honey Bee Award
        * Amazing Daisy Award

Between Earth and Sky. It's Your Planet, Love It! Journey Awards:
Blue Bucket Award
        * Firefly Award
        * Clover Award

5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals. It's Your Story Tell It! Journey Awards:
Birdbath Award
        * Red Robin Award
        * Tula Award

 Journey Summit Award

Special Opportunity Awards
        * Bridge to Girl Scout Brownie Award
        * Girl Scout Daisy Safety Award
        * Cookie Activity pin
        * Girl Scouts Global Action Award
        * My Promise My Faith, Year 1
        * My Promise My Faith, Year 2
        * Religious Recognitions
        * The President's Volunteer Service Award
        * World Thinking Day Award

Meritorious Service Awards:
        * Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award
        * Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award

Participation Patches and Pins
        * Girl Scout Forever Green Patch
        * International World Friendship Recognition pin