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Scout Uniforms – What Do I Need?

There are two types of uniforms that scouts typically wear: the Class A uniform and the Class B uniform.

The Class A uniform, which is the formal dress uniform, should be worn to Den and Pack meetings (unless otherwise specified), ceremonies, parades, and outings such as Go-See-It’s.

The Class B uniform is reserved for informal gatherings, hikes, and camp-outs. The Class B uniform consist of pants (no rips or tears) and aScout sweatshirt or T-shirt. A Scout shirt is any shirt that has a scout related image and/or printing on it. The Pack gives each new scout a Pack 32 T-shirt when they join.

We also offer other shirts commemorating special events or activities that may be worn. Also, any official BSA shirt may be                                                                          worn as a part of a Class B uniform.

The Class A Uniform

The Class A, or full dress uniform varies according to rank. Tigers, Wolves, and Bears wear a uniform that consists of an official blue uniform shirt, cap, belt, neckerchief with slide and all required patches. These Scouts should also wear navy blue dress pants (or clean jeans with no holes)or shorts, and dark socks (Frankly, regular dress pants are only about ? the cost of official uniform pants and look just as good, so we will not require you to buy something you may already have or can acquire at much less expense.) The color of the Scout’s hat, and Neckerchief varies by Rank (as does the slide): Tigers are Orange, Wolves are Yellow and Bears are Blue.

Webelos Scouts may choose to wear either the blue Webelos uniform based on the Cub Scout uniform or the tan/olive uniform similar to the one that Boy Scouts wear. For the tan/olive uniform, boys wear olive trousers or shorts and official Boy Scout tan shirt with blue shoulder loops. Official blue socks (with gold tops) are worn with the blue uniform, and official olive socks (with red tops) are worn with the tan/olive uniform. 

With either uniform, all Webelos Scouts should wear the Webelos neckerchief (plaid with the Webelos emblem), Webelos neckerchief slide (handmade slides are also acceptable), Webelos cap, and Webelos belt buckle.
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Where to purchase Scout items?

Flemington Dept. Store
151 Route 31
Flemington, NJ 08822
(888) 877-2192

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