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Boy Scout Troop 884
(Manassas, Virginia)
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Summer Camp

Summer Camp for 2019 will be at Camp Powhatan ( in Hiwassee, VA. just outside of Winchester.  Summer Camp will be from June 30th - July 6th.  The leader's guide with lots of information about camp is attached below.

Forms Night

 The Troop’s annual forms night is May 15th, 2019.  For the new parents (and the ones who don't remember) forms night is the night when the troop collects all of the forms that we need for the year.  The forms are listed below.

The forms you need to bring on form night are listed below and can be downloaded from here:

BSA Medical Form -needed for ALL SCOUTS and ANY ADULT who may go on an overnight activity with the troop. This will require a Doctor’s Physical.  Sections A, B and C need to be filled out.  *** Boys who do High School Sports need a physical dated AFTER May 1 2019, for the physical to count for High School sports***
Car Insurance Form - Needed for anyone who may drive scouts to an event.
Special Power of Attorney Form – TWO Copies of this form are required.  We will have Notaries onhand to notarize the forms.  FORMS MUST BE SIGNED IN FRONT OF NOTARY - ID will be required
Name Tag Order Form - So everyone has a name tag on their uniform.  Name tags are at no charge for new scouts
Emergency Contact Form – To provide emergency contacts.
Clothing Order Form – To order troop clothing for scouts and adults if you want
ALL Troop Consent Form 2019-2020 - A consent form for ALL troop activities for the year

Additional Forms – If you are interested in becoming a merit badge counselor for the troop, instructions on the process can be found HERE,and the following forms  must be filled out:

Merit Badge Counselor Form– A form expressing the merit badges you are interested in teaching

Adult Application – Form can be provided by Harry Post (Troop Committee Chairman)

Adults - Please come to the Forms Night meeting on May 15th with all of the forms filled out and ready to be turned in.  We will have many volunteers to help so that this process can go as smoothly as possible.

Icon File Name Comment  
ALL Troop Consent Form 2019-2020.pdf  
Car_Insurance_Information.doc Car Insurance Form  
CLOTHING_ORDER_FORM_19.doc Clothing Order Form  
EMERGENCY_NOTIFICATION_INFORMATION-19.doc Emergency Notification Form  
Name_Tag_Order_Form_2019.doc Name Tag Order Form  
ScoutMedicalForm_ABC.pdf BSA Medical Form  
Special_POA_2019-1.doc Special Power of Attorney 1  
Special_POA_2019-2.doc Special Power of Attorney 2  

Campout Planning

The following Documents are to help with generic campout planning.  Boys should bring copies of these forms to the campout planning meeting just before the camp out.  That way they can fill the forms out while planning, to help ensure a successful campout.

Icon File Name Comment  
EquipmentChecklist.doc Patrol Equipment Checklist  
grubmasterList.doc Grubmaster List  
menuplanner.doc Menu Planner  
weekenddutyroster.doc Patrol Duty Roster  
This page will be used to upload and keep troop documents.  Come back often to make sure you have the latest documents.
Icon File Name Comment  
2016 Boy Scout Requirements.pdf New Rank Advancement Requirements 2016  
2016_BS_Requirements_Insert.pdf Boy Scout Handbook (New) Requirement Insert  
2016BoyScoutrequirementsFAQs.pdf New Boy Scout Requirement Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)  
NYLT_IMPEESA.docx National Youth Leadership Training plan  
Scoutmaster_Letter_December_2014.docx Scoutmaster Letter to the troop from 2014  
Transitioning_New_Requirements_2016.pdf Transition Schedule for New Advancement Requirements (2016)