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Vision and Mission Statements Volunteer Training

We enable a learning culture that supports regions, areas, and councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.

It is the mission of the Volunteer Training Team to support the mission of the Boy Scouts of America by:

Working cross-functionally with stakeholders, producing training resources, products, and strategies which enable councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.

Creating opportunities to enhance leadership skills in youth and adults through advanced training.

Continually assessing our training and delivery model to ensure relevant and effective training for both the current and future states of an evolving Boy Scouts of America.

Basic Training Course Requirements

as of 1 January 2012
Unit Type Position Required Courses To Be Position Trained


Cubmaster (CM) C40 + Y01

Assistant Cubmaster (CA) C40 + Y01

Pack Chairman (CC) C60 + Y01

Pack Committee (MC) C60 + Y01

Tiger Cub Den Leader (TL) C41 + Y01

Cub Scout Den Leader (DL) C42 + Y01

Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader (DA) C42 + Y01

Webelos Den Leader (WL) C61 + Y01

Webelos Assistant Den Leader (WA) C61 + Y01

Pack Trainer (PT) C62 + Y01

ScoutParents Unit Coordinator (PC) WCF7 + C60 + Y01 

"Fully Trained"

We often fall into the trap of calling a Scouter "fully trained" when they complete "basic" training. It leads some to think that they have done all of the training they can.

Of course, no person is ever "fully trained." Even the most tenured Scouter can learn something by attending, or instructing, a course.

The Five Levels of the BSA Training Continuum discussed in the Guide to Leader Training provide a wealth of opportunities for a progression of learning for all of us to learn more about program, leadership, and other important skills. Don't fall into the trap of using the term "fully trained!"