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Boy Scout Troop 342
(Federal Way, Washington)
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Welcome Letter

Troop 342 - Federal Way, Washington          

Chartered by St. Vincent de Paul Parish            


Dear parent or guardian,

It is the aim of Scouts BSA to provide boys an effective program designed to build desirable qualities of character, train in the responsibilities of citizenship and develop personal fitness. Scouts become self-reliant, have good values and possess the skills and willingness to help others.

In 2021 Troop 342 celebrated our 56th anniversary. Our Troop is rich in experienced adult volunteer men and women. They provide mentor-ship, training and positive adult role models for boys between the ages of 11 and 18. In 2014 we were recognized as Hylebos District Troop of the Year. We welcome siblings to many outdoor outings and if unable to join this Troop, can help refer them to associated youth programs well suited to boys and girls of all ages. 

We can be of great help to any boy, but particularly boys who;

  • Would enjoy fun monthly activities such as hiking, camping, and canoeing
  • Enjoy hands on learning with their peers
  • Want to learn useful life skills and values
  • Like to make lifelong friends

In addition, Troop 342 has been successful in helping boys who;

  • Come from single parent families
  • Have challenges with ADD/ADHD

Please contact us, so we can tell you how we can help you to develop your son into the man you want him to be!                 

Paul Prestin
Scoutmaster, Troop 342
Boy Scouts of America