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Boy Scout Troop 4015
(New Albany, Indiana)
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Welcome to Troop 4015's Virtual Library


Here you can find many kinds of forms, workbooks, and other useful documents. Feel free to download an use any form you would like.

If you are looking for a form, this is the first place you should check! If you don't find it here, contact us  - chances are, someone else is looking for it as well!

BSA Adult & Youth Applications

If you are joining or transferring from another Scout Troop, you may complete an application and turn it in to one of the adult leaders in our troop.  You can find an application by following the links below, by contacting us, or by picking one up at the next scout meeting.

Adult Leader Forms
Please complete one vehicle inspection form for each vehicle that you may use to transport boys to/from scout outings.

Please complete one merit badge counselor form so you can share your knowledge of the things you enjoy with the scout within our troop.
Icon File Name Comment  
Annual Vehicle Checklist.pdf  
Merit Badge Counselor Information.pdf  

General Medical Forms
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Annual Health and Medical Record.pdf  

Camping Gear Checklists


They’re called “essentials” for a reason. Every packing list starts with these 10 items.

1. A pocketknife or multitool can be handy in a wide variety of situations. It’s useful for tasks as large as building an emergency shelter or lighting a campfire with poor fuel, or as small as repairing a damaged backpack. Don’t forget to first earn your Whittling Chip (for older Cub Scouts) or Totin’ Chip (for Boy Scouts).

2. A first-aid kit can be a lifesaver. Literally.

3. Bring extra clothing to match the weather. Multiple layers are better than a single massive jacket, because layered clothing is adaptable to a wide range of temperatures.

4. Rain gear is very important. Being wet from rain may result in hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition.

5. A flashlight is important for finding your way in the dark.

6. Trail food is good for maintaining your energy.

7. Water can prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

8. Matches and/or a fire starter may be used to light fires for heat, or for signaling for help.

9. Sun protection might include sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat.

10. A map and compass are probably the most important tools you can carry in case you get lost.

Icon File Name Comment  
Bicycling Outing Gear Checklist.pdf  
Cold Weather Packing Checklist.pdf  
Group Camping Gear Checklist.pdf  
Paddling Outing Gear Checklist.pdf  
Personal Camping Checklist.pdf  
Sleeping Bag Information.pdf  
The Ten Scouting Essentials.pdf  
Warm & Cold Weather Clothing Checklist.pdf  
Warm Weather Packing Checklist.pdf  

Klondike Packing Packing List & General Info

Camping, and in particular Winter Camping, is one of the Scouts' favorite activities as evidenced by the fact that our kids always want to schedule a Wilderness Survival merit badge camp out in the winter. Cold and wet really do not necessarily translate into freezing and miserable. The key is proper packing. Make sure you have what you need, but do not over pack! For families new to this, there are equipment lists attached below for your reference. And if you have questions, any of the older kids and adults are happy to share their experiences of what works and what does not.
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Camping trip packing list 2-2015.pdf  

Advancement Workbooks & Information
Icon File Name Comment  
Eagle Rank Workbook.pdf  
Eagle-Palms Workbook.pdf  
First Class in 12-18 Months.doc  
First-Class Rank Worbook.pdf  
Life Rank Workbook.pdf  
Scout Rank Workbook.pdf  
Second-Class Rank Workbook.pdf  
Star Rank workbook.pdf  
Tenderfoot Rank Workbook.pdf  

Advanced Medical Forms
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Routine Drug Administration Record Revised 2011.pdf  

Boy Scout Uniform Inspection

To find more information of proper uniform and insignia placement, click here.
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Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf  

Incidents & Hazards

Icon File Name Comment  
Incident Information Report.pdf  
Near Miss Information Report.pdf  
Program Hazard Analysis Matrix.doc  
Program Hazard Analysis Narrative.doc  
Program Hazard Analysis.pdf  


To find information about troop leadership, visit our private portion of our site or click here.

Being Active in Scouting

  For the rank of Star, Life, and Eagle, the scouts are required to "be active" in the troop and serve in some type of leadership position. Who's definition of active are we suppose to abide too?

     The March-April 2012 edition of Scouting Magazine did an article that offers the best viewpoint.  This is the guideline we should follow. It recognizes that several organization are found outside of Scouting that boys may be involved in, and that it is unreasonable to expect 100% attendance at all functions.  However, the fact also remains that the PURPOSE of "being active" in Scouting is so the program can have an impact on you, and you can have an impact on the Program and your fellow scouts.  Meaning, a reasonable amount of participation and attendance is specific towards you. 

     Those in Leadership positions have a unique responsibility.  People are actually counting on you to do your "job" and provide leadership to the Troop in general.

     See the attached document for more information.
Icon File Name Comment  
What ''Active'' Means.pdf  

Philmont Medical Forms

Any scout or staff member planning to attend the Philmont Scout Ranch need to fill out the forms below.

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Philmont Scout Ranch Medical Forms.pdf  

Northern Tier Medical Forms

All scouts and staff planning to attend wilderness canoe treks, OKPIK winter adventures at Northern Tier need to have this medical form completed.

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Northern Tier Medical Forms.pdf  

Philmont Training Center Medical Forms

Scouters are required to have the Philmont Training Center medical form to attend the Philmont Training Center.

Icon File Name Comment  
Philmont Training Center (Limited Back Country) Medical Forms.pdf Limited Back Country  
Philmont Training Center Medical Forms.pdf  

The Summit Medical Forms

The Summit Bechtel Reserve medical forms are required for any scouter planning to attend The Summit.
Icon File Name Comment  
Summit Medical Forms.pdf  

Florida Sea Base Medical Forms

The Florida Sea Base medical form is required for all participants and staff planning to attend Sea Base. SCUBA participants ALSO need to fill out the PADI Medical Statement.

Icon File Name Comment  
PADI Medical Statment.pdf  
Sea Base Medical Forms.pdf  

Other Documents

Icon File Name Comment  
Boy Led Troop 15.pdf  
BSA Flying Plan.pdf  
Poisonous Plants Simple Quiz.pdf  
Possible Weekly Troop Planner.doc  
Short Term Trip Patrol Duty Roster.pdf  

Is something missing from our library?

If there is anything missing from our library, feel free to contact us. Don't forget about the physical library located in the scout house.